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How do you play ultimate frisbee?

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Ultimate Frisbee is a lot like football. There are two teams comprised of an equal number of players. The game is usually played on a football field so each team begins in their designated endzone (the field canbe shortened by determining the end zones as certain yard lines). One tea begins with the frisbee and yells out ULITMATE! before launching it to the other team (a lot like a kick off). Once a player of the other team has the frisbee they are only allowed to pivot on one leg (they're not permitted to take any steps) from here, they must throw the frisbee to another player on the team. This continues until a member of the team catches the frisbee in the end zone in which that team scores a point and the process starts over. However, if the frisbee is dropped it makes it an automatic recovery for the other team and the game continues, the same with an interception. If a frisbee is thrown out of bounds it is taken up by the other team from where it left the playing field. The game is over when a certain team has reached the designated amount of points (voted prior to the beginning of the game) or a team forfeits.

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Is it ultimate disk or ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee.

Is physical contact allowed in ultimate frisbee?

No, no physical contact is allowed in Ultimate Frisbee. That would be considered a foul and the play would reset.

How is ultimate frisbee spelled?

Ultimate Frisbee is the correct way to spell it.

What kind of place can you play ultimate frisbee?

You can play anywhere- indoors and outdoors. If you bring cones you can turn any open field into a regulation sized Ultimate Frisbee field. And you can play indoors in a gym or sports complex.

What does stupidest play in ultimate frisbee mean?

It means that the play was a very stupid one.

How is the field arranged what does it resemble in ultimate frisbee?

The field in ultimate frisbee is similar to the one of American football. There are two endzones and one large play area in between.

Where did ultimate frisbee come from?

Ultimate Frisbee Came From Columbia High School

What sports are similar to ultimate frisbee?


What type of defense is used in ultimate Frisbee?

The type of defense in ultimate frisbee is defending.

What is anoter name for the frisbee?

disc, ultimate frisbee, flatball, plastic spinning thing. 'frisbee' is a company's trade name which is why the sport is called 'ultimate frisbee'.

What weight should a Frisbee be for ultimate Frisbee?


Ultimate Frisbee alternative sport?

Frisbee golf

What is The Spirit of the Game in ultimate frisbee?

The spirit of the game in ultimate Frisbee is that you follow the rules and play fair. Since there are no referees in ultimate, is is up to the players to call their own fouls and travels. Spirit of the game is that you will not cheat and you will go out their and play fairly. After the game, you will be respectful and not brag or boast.

Why is ultimate frisbee so dumb?

kus ur an idiot that doesnt know to play

What country is Ultimate Frisbee popular in?

Ultimate Frisbee is most popular in New Zealand and the United States.

What PE games are similar to frisbee?

Well if you have never played Ultimate Frisbee I think you should try it out, I play with my buds, it's real fun.

Is ultimate frisbee win by two?

No, you do not have to win by two in Ultimate Frisbee, just first to 13 or whatever you are playing to.

Can you get a college scholarship for Ultimate Frisbee?

Yes. Many major universities and smaller schools now scholarship Ultimate Frisbee.

Is ultimate frisbee a career?

For some people yes. There are national and international teams that play for money.

Is there a Frisbee national championship?

I wouldn't say 'national championship' but the professional sport of frisbee is 'ultimate frisbee'.

In what state did ultimate frisbee originate?

The rules of Ultimate (Frisbee) were first codified in the state of New Jersey in the United States.

What are some sports that begin with the letter U?

uneven bars gymnasticsunicycle basketballunicycle hockeyUltimate FrisbeeUnderwater hockeyUnderwater footballunderwater rugbyunicyclingultimate FrisbeeUltimate Fighting Championship (UFC)Ultimate Frisbeeuneven bars gymnasticsunicycle basketballultimate frisbee· uneven bars gymnastics · unicycle basketball· ultimate frisbee· Unicycle basketballUltimate, sometimes called Ultimate Frisbee. It is played (obviously) with a frisbee on a field about the size of a Football field. Ideally each team is 7 on 7. There are no referees at any level (even professional). It is sort of like some other sports like soccer.Ultimate FrisbeeUnderwater HockeyUnderwater RugbyThe most widespread sport that starts with U is Ultimate, also known as Ultimate Frisbee. Another is underwater hockey.There are no sports that begin with the letter 'U' played at the Summer or Winter Olympics.noUltimate FrisbeeUnderwater HockeyUnderwater RugbyUnicyclingUnihockeyUltimate - This is a sport played between two teams of seven people, using a Frisbee.· uneven bars gymnastics · unicycle basketball· ultimate frisbeeyou guess it

When was ultimate frisbee invented?


When did ultimate frisbee start?


Can you get a scholarship for Ultimate Frisbee?