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C# 5 times, then D# 5 times, then G# 4 times, and then, depending on which part of the song, it's F on the D string 5 times or F on the C string 5 times.

Happy Viva la Viding!! ;-)

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Q: How do you play viva la vida on the cello?
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Who wrote the song Viva la Vida?

the band that wrote viva la vida is cold play!

What is the name of that new song with a cello in the intro?

Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

What album is viva la vida in?

viva la vida

When was Viva la Vida created?

Viva la Vida was created in 2007.

History of the song viva la vida?

It is by cold play....

What goes viva la mean?

You mean as in "Viva la vida?" If so, viva la vida means, "Live the life." So, judging by that statement, hopefully you can understand what viva la means. "Viva la vida" means "live your life".

Is Viva La Vida written by coldplay?

Yes, Viva la Vida was written by Coldplay.

What is the meaning of the phrase viva la vida?

Viva la vida means live the life

How do you play viva la vida on the piano?

Viva la Vida is a song by the British band Coldplay. You could find sheet music to help you play this song on the piano in various places online.

Which language is viva la vida locha in?

The song viva la vida locha is in the language of MEXICAN!...

Is Viva La Vida a song by Coldplay?

Yes. Coldplay sings the song Viva La Vida.

What does viva la vida mean in English?

"Viva la vida" means "live the life" in spanish.

What CD is viva la vida in?

The CD is called viva la vida or death and all his friends.

What figurative language is in the song viva la vida?

Viva La Vida by Coldplay it has alot of metaphors

What are the piano notes for viva la vida?

This is a very nice song. I play this on the piano all the time. Here's the notes i use to play it Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Piano Notes. hope that helps...

When does 'Viva la Vida' come out?

Viva la Vida was released June 11th, 2008.

Is viva la Vida a part song?

yes indeed! it's taken from their new album viva la vida or death and all his friends. the song viva la vida is no.7 in track

What does viva la vida mean?

Viva la Vida is not valid. The correct spelling is vivela vida which means live the life. Vives tu vida means live your life. Viva La Vida, as in the Coldplay song, means "Long Live Life"

Where does it say 'viva la vida in the viva la vida song?

Viva La Vida is just the morale of the song Live the Life the song means live life to the fullest and do it with good on your side

What is Viva la vida all about?

As 'Lovers in japan',Viva la vida is mainly about the story of a king lost his kindom

Which of these titles is a song by coldplay right now na na na low viva la vida?

Viva la Vida

What is a Song that starts with V?

the answer is : Viva La BamViva la Vida by: Coldplay

What year did Coldplay release Viva La Vida?

2008 on their 4th studio album Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends

Is Low Right Now or Viva La Vida title of a song by Coldplay?

Low right now isn't but viva la vida is!

What does viva la beaver mean?

Live the beaver ??? or was it--- Viva la vida?? Live the life??