How do you play water polo?

Water polo is a game played in a swimming pool, with six players from each team in the pool at once, one being a goalie. For every goal the shooter's team is awarded one point, and the goals are similar to soccer goals, but they float on the water and are a little smaller. There is one ball, which floats in the water, and if you lean on it too hard it'll go under water and it becomes the other team's ball. There are penalties, etc., but I won't go into that too much. There are penalties if you touch another player (on the opposing team) on the head, if you put the ball under, if you attack the goalie, and yeah, you pretty much get the idea. There are 4 quarters in a game, and to keep yourself afloat you have to be able to tread water, which can get tiring at first, but when you get used to it you should be fine. Some people call this 'egg-beater' because your legs move in a way that makes them look like egg-beaters. Good luck to anyone beginning water polo or if you're just generally interested in the sport.