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hamsters like to roll in a plastic ball that can be bought at Walmart or at the pet store. My hamster is older though so it has lost intrest with this mostly. You can also purchase play structure with tunnels and what not that they like to crawl through. Right now my hamsters favourite thing to do is run on its wheen in its cage. May I also suggest buying you hamster a plastic igloo. hamsters love these and they provide privacy for your hamster.

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How do you made my hamster happy?

you can carry them and play with it or you can buy another hamster as a mate for your hamster.

What can you do with your hamster?

well, i usually make a play area for my hamster!

How can you play with your hamster?

well their is really not much to do with a hamster but, they are fun to hold.

Can a male hamster play with a female hamster?

A male hamster could play with a female hamster depending on the aggresion of the Hamster. Hamsters tend to be mild tempered but can sometimes be aggresive. Before you try to make your Hamsters Play, Introduce then and let them decide if they want to play or not. For more Information On Hamsters, visit: This is my site on Hamsters. For Questions, Post it in the Forums

What could a hamster do?

Well hamster like to run around on there wheel, run in there ball, and play with you ofcourse hamster are nice pets to have and hamster just would like to be loved and will just like to play with you all the time because hamster LOVE company

Whats better a hamster or a guinea pig?

a hamster and a guinea pig are same standards play better and thing in my opinion a hamster is a better one to play with depending on your age

How does a hamster get a wet tail?

a hamster will get wet tail from stress or because it is unhappy or because your hamster does not have enough space to play in :)

Can you play hamster dash online?


Why do hamster lay still in tubes?

They are probibly scared! A hamster in a tube is like living in those play tubes you play in when you a kid.

How can you make your old hamster friendlier?

play and play together with it

Where should you put your hamster to run and play outside of his cage?

You can get a play pen which you can get from pets at home for £13.99. It's 36 inches in diameter which makes it easy for your little hamster to go in, you can also put their toys or the favourite hamster toys in the play pen. I'm sure the hamster will enjoy.

Can your other hamster get sick and die from being depressed from your other hamster that had died?

It's possible, but most likely no. If your other hamster died, then play with it, and keep it happy and not lonely. Or you can clean out the cage, and then buy another hamster for her/him to play with. Then she will be happy, and the other one she would forget about. It's possible, but most likely no. If your other hamster died, then play with it, and keep it happy and not lonely. Or you can clean out the cage, and then buy another hamster for her/him to play with. Then she will be happy, and the other one she would forget about.

What type of dwarf hamster is the best to hold and play with?

I think a Campbell's Russian Dwarf hamster

How do you entertain hamsters?

You should get a hamster wheel and a hamster ball, and you should play with it once a day.

Can you train a hamster to play the piano?

That is easy. The answer is no.

How do you hold a hamster if it is scared of you?

If your hamster is afraid of you make sure to play with it alot. Make sure to hold it securely so it can't fall. If you don't play/hold a hamster for a while it can forget about you and think you will hurt it.

What if you don't play with your hamster everyday?

The hamster probably won't be affected, just make sure there's plenty of things inside the cage for the hamster to do.

Is a hamster an instrument?

Yes a hamster is an instrument. You play the hamster instruments exactly like the drums. It is 100 percent guaranteed to work or your money back.

How do you keep a hamster alive with broken bones?

don't play too Rufe with the hamster or dropping them on the floor

How can you keep your hamster enetertained?

handle it every day and give it loads of treats or get another hamster to play with

What do hamstersneed in their cage when you clean them out?

Well, they need a hamster wheel for excercising with, food, which I recommend to be put in a bowl, a plastic hamster water bottle for the hamster to drink from, play toys for the hamster to play with and lastly, you need to have wood chips on the ground, so that the hamster's feet will be protected.

How do you build a play area for your hamster?

close up an area and let them play there make sure theres no sharp or hazrdous things thats can kill the hamster

Does a hamster feel alone when theres lonley one hamster in the cage?

It Depends On The Hamster Type. If Its A Dwarf Hamster, Its Better If Its Has Another Dwarf Hamster To Play With (make sure they are the same sex or you'll have little hamster babies ;P) If Its A Syrian Hamster It Doesn't Like Company, It Will Fight With The Other Hamster.Hope This Helps xD

What do hamsters like to play on?

a hamster wheel of course

Can you play with boy hamster privates?

No, that's wrong.