How do you play your music?


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i play my music on my boom box or freely play it on guitar


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People play music for enjoyment. Music is a magic. its a key of happiness. People can express their feeling through music. That is why people play music.

Yeah f you just want to play music. You can not play a game and play music too

To play the music you have to download it.

Yes, an IPhone Can play music

They play heritage music. They also play country music.

people play the organ. They can play any style of music from blues to church music on an organ

Musicians read what is called sheet music in order to play music. which is notes you play on the instuments

they play gymnastic music and river flowing music and things like that and the music make oceans

Kurt Adler was involved in classical music. He mostly did not play any music, but he conducted an orchestra that played classical music. The music he does play is on the piano.

As a composer he tended to play his own music.

why did people play romantic music

They would play music at a festiful or celerbrating

wal-mart does play music.

What ever music you decide to play on it.

can you play games and music on the PS3 with out pulling plugs

Musicians read what is called sheet music in order to play music.

Tiësto used to play Trance music, but now he does EDM music.

Yes. They did play jazz music. Edit: No, they did not play jazz music, they played various styles of rock.

To play music in your house, go to K.K. Slider on Saturday nights (he should be at the train station) and ask him to play some music. He'll play the music and give you an aircheck. on your radio, say "pop in a tune" and then turn it on. then you can play music.

They usually play classical music.

Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

Yes, an iPod Nano can play music.

You can play any style of music on a keyboard...

letters is the shortest note you can play in music

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