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How do you please your partner?


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It just isn't about pleasing your partner, but pleasing each other. Before sex, communication is the number one thing to work on. When you have good communication skills between the both of you there are less problems in your relationship. Listening to what your partner is saying and trying to help with problems he may have (he should be doing the same for you as well), loyalty and trust. Both of you should be each others best friend. Sex is a beautiful thing and again communication should enter into this aspect of your life. He may have needs and so will you. There will be some things both of you may not like and it's important to discuss that with each other. If you communicate on all aspects of your life, then life is so much easier. Marcy


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One of the best ways to please your partner is to communicate. Would you rather her tell you to do it this way because it feels so much better or not give her the pleasure she desires. Same with the guy, wouldn't you rather tell her what really feels good or how to do something. The best part of sex is learning what each person likes and wants so you can please your partner.

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