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How do you plug in the 134a Refrigerant on a 1998 Ford Explorer?

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Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts comes with instructions

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What Kind of Freon does a 1998 Ford Explorer take?

A 1998 Ford Explorer uses refrigerant 134a

What Refrigerant does a 1998 Ford Explorer have R-12 or R-134a?

R-134a ( I believe since the 1994 Ford Explorer model year )

What ac refrigerant freon is required in a 2003 ford explorer?

R - 134a

Does a 1998 ford mustang use 134a refrigerant?

Yes a 1998 will use r134a

What freon does the 1998 ford windstar van use?

A 1998 Ford Windstar would use refrigerant 134a

What air conditioning refrigerant is used in a 1998 Ford Ranger?

Should be R - 134a

What kind of freon does a 1998 ford explorer use?

Should be R-134a.

What is the refrigerant used for ac in a 1997 ford escort?

134a refrigerant

What type of refrigerant do you add to a 99 Ford Taurus?

134a refrigerant

Type of refrigerant for 1997 Ford Probe?


What AC refrigerant is required in a 1996 Ford F150?


What refrigerant does a 97 ford f150 use?


How much R134a does a 2001 Mercury cougar?

AnswerAccording to the Ford/Motorcraft refrigerant capacities data sheet, 1998-2002 Mercury/Ford Cougars have a total R-134a refrigerant capacity of 26 ounces.

What refrigerant does a 2000 Ford Ranger use?

Should be R-134a

2003 ford explorer 4.6 refrigerant type and capacity?

It uses R-134a. There's a sticker under your hood in the engine compartment that tells you this and how much.

Where is the recharger for the a c of a 1998 Ford Explorer?

you can go to autozone and buy a kit it is r-134a prolly around 20 $

What kind of refrigerant is need to fill 1997 ford expedition?


What type freon is used in 1997 Ford Aerostar?

In a 1997 Ford Aerostar : Refrigerant 134a is used

Refrigerant for 2000 Ford Taurus?

R-134a, available at auto parts stores

How many pounds of refrigerant are in a Ford Focus?

1lb 8 oz of R- 134a

Will a door on 1998 Ford Explorer 2door fit on a 1992 Ford Explorer?

No, the door on a 1998 Ford Explorer will not fit a 1992 Ford Explorer.

What type of refrigerant is used in a 2003 Ford Expedition air conditioning system?


What refrigerant is used in the AC of a 1995 Ford E350?

all vehicles from 1994 and up in the U.S. are required by federal standards to use 134A refrigerant.

Would a 1998 ford explorer 5.0 transmission fit a 1998 Ford Explorer 4.0?


What are wheel specs on 1998 Ford Explorer?

what are the wheel alignment specs for 1998 ford explorer