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There is a product called Barkeeper's Friend that works like a miracle on brass. You will find it in the cleanser section along with Comet and Ajax.

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What is a brass ornament worth?

a cup of tea and a bacon sarny

How do you take scratches out of Brass?

One way to take scratches out of Brass is to use Brass polish. Another way is to use fingernail polish remover.

What kind of polish should be used on brass instruments?

It depends on what finish was used. Silver polish for silver-plated horns, brass polish for raw brass, and perhaps dish soap and warm water for lacquer.

Can you make a sentence with the word polish?

One of the jobs of the butler was to polish the brass doorknobs.

Does brass or nickel tarnish more?

Brass will tarnish more than nickel does. In order to prevent this, make sure you polish and clean your brass belongings.

What is the best way to clean chandelier brass?

Cleaning a chandelier brass is simple, the easiest way to do it is to use highly polish or antique polish depending on the style. Brass is anti corrosive and has a long life so it is very popular in making chandeliers.

What is a sentence with the word brass?

I play a brass instrument. Be sure to polish the brass doorknobs. The statue was made of brass. Your heart starts beating like a big brass band.

Can silver polish clean brass instruments like the french horn?

Not really, no. Many horns are coated with a clear lacquer over polished brass, and an abrasive silver polish will wear off the lacquer.

What his the best product for cleaning brass?

Lyman turbo Brite Brass Case Polish receives high marks for it's outstanding ability to clean brass. Brass can also be cleaned naturally with lemon juice or vinegar.

How do you clean brass colored fixtures?

Use a metal polish like Wenol or Duraglit.

Does brass turn green?

Yes, over time brass will oxidize and turn green. However, you can remove the oxidation by using a polish that is made for brass. In some cases the green patina may be desirable.

What do you do on a battleship for two days?

Swab the deck, polish the brass, sleep, eat, shower and shave. Then do it again.

Is the property of brass totally different from copper and zinc?

No. For example, copper reacts with oxygen to produce a green substance called patina or verdigris. Because brass is an alloy (mixture) of copper and zinc, the copper in brass will over time turn green, but can be cleaned with a polish made for brass.

What word describes an ornament?

An adjective is used to describe a noun. Shinyornament, Christmas ornament, glass ornament, and hand-made ornament are a few examples.

How do you make coins shiny?

If it is an old coin and has some value above face value do not polish it, "cleaning" a coin destroys all extra value it may have. If you want to polish an average coin out of your pocket any brass polish will work.

Can you put salt in a brass bowl or will it react?

Dry table salt will not react quickly but it will eventually react. If you coat the brass with a clear finish such as lacquer or Krylon after you polish it there will be practically no reaction indefinitely.

What materials can MAAS polish be used on?

MAAS polish can be used on many materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel, gold, platinum, glass, ceramics, nickel, and many more. It will not damage the material.

What is the Hebrew word for ornament?

ornament can be any of the following, depending on context:חֲלִי (chali) ornament, necklaceתַכשִׁיט (tachshit ) jewel, decoration, adornment, ornament, baubleעִטוּר (itur) ornament, coronation, embellishment, illustration, medalעִטוּר נוֹי (itur noi) decoration, ornamentנוֹי (noi) decoration, ornament, beautyקִשׁוּט (kishut) decoration, ornament, adornment, garland, garnishתַקשִׁיט (takshit) decor, ornamentמַשׂכִּית (maskit) image, figure, mosaic, ornament, imaginationעֲדִי (adi) jewel, ornamentצִיץ (tsits) sprout, blossom, diadem, festoon, ornamentצַעֲצוּעַ (tsa'atsua) toy, plaything, knicknack, nicknack, ornament

What is a brazen head or brass head?

The brazen head or brass head is the kind of hardware found on the top of walking canes. Walking canes has become a fashion statement especially in the hip hop world. The brass head and the brazen head ornament can be found on walking sticks found on the most amazing mahogany and oak walking sticks.

Are copper fireplace sets better than brass?

Copper fireplace sets are better in sense that it has a higher melting point than brass. On the other hand copper has a more dull color than brass and is harder to polish. Since the sets will be outside away from the fire, brass sets are more beautiful and easier to clean.

What part of speech is the word ornament?

Ornament is a noun.

How many syllables does ornament have?

Ornament has three syllables.

How do you use ornament in a sentence?

Every year, I find another broken Christmas ornament. That tiara is a beautiful ornament.

What has the author James Kellaway Colling written?

James Kellaway Colling has written: 'Gothic ornaments' -- subject(s): Gothic Decoration and ornament, Gothic Architecture 'Medieval decorative ornament' -- subject(s): Architectural Decoration and ornament, Church decoration and ornament, Decoration and ornament, Decoration and ornament, Architectural, Decoration and ornament, Medieval, Medieval Decoration and ornament, Plant forms 'Examples of English medieval foliage and coloured decoration' -- subject(s): Mural painting and decoration, Architectural Decoration and ornament, Decoration and ornament, Church decoration and ornament, Plant forms, Medieval Decoration and ornament 'Details of Gothic architecture' -- subject(s): Architecture, Architecture, Gothic, Details, Gothic Architecture

How do you clean brass plate?

To clean your brass plate, you get some brass or silver polish and start cleaning. If it is something you just look at, you can put varnish over it after you make it nice and shiny. Ketchup. Best brass or silver cleaner on the market. paint it on with a small brush and allow to sit about 10 minutes and wash it off with clear clean warm water