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Check out the schematic at It doesn't blow up well but it should be good enough.

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Q: How do you position the cartridge cutoff spacer when re assembling a Marlin 39A?
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Not sure which spring you mean, or what you mean by "case"? If you mean the receiver, then you might be referring to the cartridge cutoff spring, or the lever spring? The lever spring is held by a screw just in front of the lever pivot screw, and keeps pressure on the lever, so it wont droop. The cartridge cutoff spring installs in the top of the receiver, with a screw through the top that holds it just behind the chamber. These are my best guesses, since i don't have good info.

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hi i also had the same problem with my Marlin Mod.1894C 357 mag., I had taken it to a Gun Smith for cleaning, after taking to the range later it began to hang up, the problem was it needed a heavier lubricant, i found this out after ai sold it. AnswerThis is not a very explicit question. However, if there is a feeding problem from the magazine to the chamber, you should be able to see that the round is jammed up if the action won't close. If that's the case, take it to a gunsmith. And be careful, I don't want to read about you in the paper. If that doesn't help, post a more specific question. AnswerOn most Marlin levers, if you have a problem with more than one round in the mag tube causing the action to jam, you have a problem with the loading gate. This can be caused by something as simple as the loading gate screw being loose, or a well worn loading gate. The bac side of the loading gate has a protrusion which acts as a cartridge stop, to keep a second round from following the first round into the receiver. If the stop gets worn, or the gate is loose, it doesn't work. AnswerI am in the middle of fixing this same problem myself. the original cause of this problem for me was a loose screw, on the left side of the rifle, at about the same level as the magazine tube. that screw holds a spacer and what is called the cartridge cutoff. for more info on this, go to, and find a instruction manual and maintaining your rifle. Me, i am ordering a new screw, cartridge cutoff, and the spacer. the screw and cartridge cutoff are parts 9, and 10 in the diagram. the spacer does not seem to be listed....

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