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How do you prepare 0.05N sodium thiosulfate?

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weigh 3.1g sodium thio sulphate for 250ml solution

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How would you prepare 250.0 mL of a 0.01 M sodium thiosulfate solution in water?

I would dissolve .4g of sodium thiosulfate into 250.0mL of water.

What is the scientific name of sodium thiosulfate?

The same, Sodium thiosulfate

What is the formula sodium thiosulfate?

The chemical formula of sodium thiosulfate is Na2S2O3.

How is used Sodium thiosulfate in chlorine removal shampoo?

Sodium thiosulfate neutralizes chlorine.

What solution is produced when water and sodium thiosulfate will mixed?

A solution of sodium thiosulfate is produced.

What is the chemical reaction for sodium thiosulfate and water?

Sodium thiosulfate is only dissolved in water.

What would happens when sodium thiosulfate mix with water?

When water is mixed with sodium thiosulfate the surrounding area temperature decreases causing the temperature to become, colder. for example; the water is at 22.5 C when you mix it with sodium thiosulfate the temperature could decrease up to 19.5 C this is because sodium thiosulfate an endothermic reaction which makes new bonds with the water and the sodium thiosulfate

Whats the balanced ionic equation when chlorine reacts with sodium thiosulphate?

Ionic equation for sodium thiosulfate Ionic equation for sodium thiosulfate

How do make 10 percent sodium thiosulfate solution?

To get 100g of solution: 10g of sodium thiosulfate + 90g of water.

What is the ionic equation for sodium thiosulfate?

The chemical formula for sodium thiosulfate is Na2S3O2. This ionic compound results from the ionic bonding between two sodium ions, Na+, and one thiosulfate ion, S3O22-.

Reaction of bromine with sodium thiosulfate?

Bromine will be reduced to bromide and it will oxidize Sodium thiosulfate to Sodium tetrathionate :2 Na2S2O3 + Br2 ----> Na2S4O6 + 2 NaBr

What is the formula for sodium thiosulfate?


What is the symbol of sodium thiosulfate?


Is sodium thiosulfate basic?

Yes.It is!

What is the formula for the sodium thiosulfate?


What does na2s2o3 STANDS FOR?

Sodium thiosulfate

What is used to preserve sodium thiosulfate?

Chloroform and Sodium Hydroxide

What is a chemical name for Na2S2O2?

Sodium thiosulfate or Sodium Hyposulphite.

How do you prepare 0.20mol of dc3 of sodium thiosulphate?

Dissolve 31,62 g anhydrous thiosulfate in 1 L demineralized water at 20 oC.

How do you prepare 0.1 M sodium thiosulfate?

it depends how many liters or mililiters you want for example:You want to prepare 100mL of 0.1M sodium thiosulfatefirst we calculated the grams needed:100 mL*(0.1 mmole/1 ml)*(248.19 mg/1 mmole)*(1 g/ 1000 mg)which gives you 2.4819 g of sodium thiosulfatedisolve the 2.4819 grams in 70 mL ofdistilledwater, transfer to a volumetric flask of 100 mL and finish filling it withdistilledwater up to the mark, and then shake to homogenize.

What happens when sodium peroxide comes in contact with sodium thiosulfate?

An exothermic reaction will occur, with the peroxide being reduced and the thiosulfate being oxidized.

Is sodium thiosulfate dangerous?

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How do you standardize sodium thiosulfate?

using potassiumdichromate

Sodium thiosulfate solution?

Na2S2O3 (aq)

What is the chemical formula for sodium thiosulfate?


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