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it depends how many liters or mililiters you want for example:You want to prepare 100mL of 0.1M sodium thiosulfate

first we calculated the grams needed:

100 mL*(0.1 mmole/1 ml)*(248.19 mg/1 mmole)*(1 g/ 1000 mg)

which gives you 2.4819 g of sodium thiosulfate

disolve the 2.4819 grams in 70 mL ofdistilledwater, transfer to a volumetric flask of 100 mL and finish filling it withdistilledwater up to the mark, and then shake to homogenize.

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Q: How do you prepare 0.1 M sodium thiosulfate?
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How would you prepare 250.0 mL of a 0.01 M sodium thiosulfate solution in water?

I would dissolve .4g of sodium thiosulfate into 250.0mL of water.

How you prepare 1 M sodium acetate buffer?

how do you prepare 50mL of 5M sodium acetate buffer from sodium acetate anhydrous (82,03)

Preparation of 0 38 M sodium acetate solution?

how will you prepare 0.38M sodium acetate solution

How can you prepare 0.3 M sodium phosphate buffer with pH 7.4?

how to prepare phoshate buffer pH 7.4

What mass of sodium chloride will be required to prepare 100 cm3 of 0.0282 M of sodium chloride?

The answer is 0,1648 g NaCl.

What mass of NaCl is required to dissolve 100 g NaCl to prepare a 1.50 m solution?

To prepare a 1,5 M sodium chloride solution we need 87,659 g NaCl.

What is the mass of sodium hudroxide needed to prepare 100 mL of a 0.10 M solution?

1.17 grams :)

How many grams of sodium chloride are required to prepare 500.0mL of a 0.100 M solution?

2.93 grams

Is the 0.1 N and the 0.1 M of thiosulfate the same?

I'm confused plz answer it

How many grams of sodium chloride are required to prepare a 500ml to a 0.100 m solution?

You need 2,92 NaCl.

How do you calculate sodium thiosulfate normality with potassium dichromate?

The way to calculate a primary standard is with an equation. This equation is M^pdt = (N*V*meq^pb)/1000. For example, for K2Cr2O7, the number is 294,187 grams.

A 25.0 ml of 0.106M KIO3 is put into a 250 ml flask and is titrated to a stoichiometric point with 16.25 ml of a sodium thiosulfate solutiom What Molarity of sodium thiosulfate?

Jodate: IO3- + 6e- + 6H+ --> I- + 3H2Oequivalency to:Thio: 6S2O32- --> 3S4O62- + 6e-25.0 ml * 0.106 mmol/ml (KIO3) = 2.65 mmol KIO3 reacting (1:6) with Thio: 6*2.65 = 15.9 mmol sodium thiosulfate. This is in 16.25 ml, so the molarity is 15.9 mmol / 16.25 == 0.978 M thiosulfate

How do you prepare acetate buffer solution of pH 5.0?

Mix 357 mL acetic acid 0,1 M with 643 mL sodium acetate 0,1 M.

How do you prepare 1 L of 15 M sodium hydroxide solution by diluting the stock solution of 6 M sodium hydroxide?

impossible....u want to use a low contrated solution to dilute into a higher contration solution? No way man,...

What is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 27.2 g of sodium chloride in enough water to prepare 500.0 milliters of solution?

0.930 M

How do you prepare 1000 ml 0.01 M sodium sulphate?

Dissolve 1,42 g of anhydrous, for analysis sodium sulfate in 1 L demineralized water at 20 oC, in a volumetric flask.

How do you prepare 0.1 M sodium chloride?

Dissolve 5,8439 g NaCl reagent grade in 1 L demineralized water at 20 0C.

How about prepare a solution of a 0.1N acetate buffer?

The following table is extracted from the Internet:* For pH=3: mix 982,3 mL 0,1 M acetic acid with 17,7 mL 0,1 M sodium acetate* For pH=4: mix 847,0 mL 0,1 M acetic acid with 153 mL 0,1 M sodium acetate* For pH=5: mix 357 mL 0,1 M acetic acid with 643 mL 0,1 M sodium acetate* For pH=3: mix 52,2 mL 0,1 M acetic acid with 947,8 mL 0,1 M sodium acetate

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