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Please see the link provided for a detailed Q&A that explains how to write a business plan. Preparing a business plan for a cleaning company would follow the same process - except that you would want to include market information specifically related to the cleaning industry. Visit the Web sites of ISAA ( and the Building Service Contractors Association International ( for an abundance of data and statistics. PowerHomeBiz also has some great information that you might be able to use on starting a janitorial business:

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Q: How do you prepare a business plan for a cleaning company?
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Business Contingency Plan is a type insurance that prepares the employees or an company to respond an unexpected event. A company can take time to prepare itself for the unexpected events by making up a procedure for these type of situations.

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How do you start a post construction cleaning business?

To start a post construction cleaning business you will need a business plan. In this plan you should determine how you will obtain financing for your business, a name for your business, where your business will be located, and who will work for you. Check with your local authorities to find out about licensing.

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How do you start your own cleaning business?

By comprehensive planning. For example, what type of cleaning do you plan to start: house cleaning, janitorial services, etc?

When would you need to do a business plan?

Usually, a business plan is needed, when a company is requesting a loan, or approaching investors. However, you should write a business plan, if you are serious about your business and you want to have a tool to check your progress and evaluate the viability of your company.

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A business plan is about the company and its viability, not the person that owns or runs it.

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Coming up with a business plan for your company can be tricky, but you should be able to do it on your own. One way to get a better idea of how to do your business plan is to take a look at a good business plan sample to get a better idea of what you need to do.

where may I find a small business phone company?

You can call your local phone company to set up a small business phone system and plan. Or you could get a cell phone business plan if that suits your needs better.

How does one start a small business accounting firm?

A small business accounting firm can be started in much the same way any other business would start. First, prepare a business plan to secure a bank loan, then hire employees, market your company, and do quality work for clients.

How much money would it take to start a cleaning service?

A cleaning service company is the cheapest and easiest type of company to start. For the reason being, you already own the majority of your supplies. Once business begins to pick up, you can begin investing in your own business and start purchasing more supplies and different ones at that. But if you plan to be an actual company, you need licensing and insurance. So depending on the state you live can determine the cost of your startup.

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How to form a business company?

Someone that is looking to form a business or company can do so by following some of these guidelines. Writing a business plan, Choosing a location and registering the business name. More steps on forming a business or company can be found at the website SBA.

How can I start a floor cleaning business?

Starting a floor cleaning business is very similar to starting up any kind of business. You will need to obtain a business license to operate in whatever state you plan to do business. In addition, you will need to obtain the necessary education on cleaning different types of floor surfaces. The other aspect of starting a floor cleaning business is market research. A lot of people skip this step, but it is important to know who your customer is and what submarkets your business services might fare better in than others.