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I had been wanting to try them whole, on the barbecue, with a lime and chilli dressing, mackerel for breakfast simply fried in a little butter. Firstly, the fish are coated in flour which has been well seasoned with plenty of salt and pepper. The butter is melted in the pan until foaming and the mackerel fried lightly on each side until just cooked and golden. Served with a wedge of lemon. Nige

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How do you Cook mackerel in a dishwasher?

Logically, I don't think you can cook mackerel in a dishwasher as I would have thought you would only have been able to wash it at the very least.

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You bought some mackerel fish and its skin is a bit yellow and some of it has a soapy substance on it is it poisonous to eat?

how do you cook them

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Can you prepare but not cook bread stuffing the day before?


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The word "cook" can be used as a noun and a verb.cook (noun): a person who cooks, e.g. a chefMy father is a good cook.cook (verb): to prepare meals using heatMy father can cook very well.

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