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Apply muriatic acid to dry surface (good ventilation a must). This removes stains and oils. (Note: if you plan on using an acid stain, DO NOT clean with muriatic acid, since this will make acid staining impossible). Rinse and dry. Apply sodium hydroxide (10% solution) to neutralize remaining acid. Rinse and dry. Ready for your choice of floor treatment. Recommend a urethane sealant first, to prevent moisture absorbed in concrete from coming up under the coating you finish with.

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Q: How do you prepare and stain an existing interior concrete floor?
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What is the average cost PER square foot for a concrete floor for factory?

around $2.50 (exterior)-$3.50 (interior)

Can I pour 4in of concrete on an existing concrete floor indoors that will be carpeted?

Yes. I would use a peagravel mixture with fibermesh additive. Pressure wash the area first if possible.

Can you color an existing concrete slab floor?

Yes, you can stain a concrete slab. It is a several step process and costs about $.50 a square foot to do it yourself. See attached link for process.

Can you install ceramic tile over stained concrete and if so what is the preparation for the existing concrete?

Bead blast or score the concrete first anything from a wire brush to a floor sander might VERY CAREFUL with the dust though

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How do you mix premix cement to lay over an existing badly laid cement floor in storeroom?

You will need existing floor to be clean and dry. Layering concrete like this is called a cold joint. Concrete does not like cold joints. That I why big jobs like the cn tower and Hoover dam are all one pour basically. If you have to do cold joints, clean base floor, rent a sacrifice tool at a rent shop, rough up the floor as much as possible, clean all dirt and dust again, cover floor with a bonding agent from a box store, pour new concrete. Over 2" is recommended. Another way to get it to hold is to drill holes into base floor or even put various concrete screws in base floor with just the heads sticking up a little bit so new concrete can grab.

Why does a concrete floor feel colder to you than a carpeted floor at the same temperature?

The carpet and pad are insulating you from the concrete floor.

Concrete floors in Seattle, Washington?

Interior concrete floors tend to be cooler regardless their location, but not like outdoor concrete. In new construction, particularly loft renovations, etc., concrete flooring is heated, which makes it cozy. A concrete floor in Washington is no different than a concrete floor in Florida or Texas. It has more to do with construction, the heating system and insulation of the house.l

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What chemicals are required for floor refinishing?

SandFree is a chemical wash and abrasive process to prepare the existing finish .... Traditionally gyms are refinished each year by "screening" the floor and applying a coat of oil-based urethane.

Can you install a real wood floor on top of a concrete floor?

You can. You start by applying moisture barrier to the concrete--flooring stores have it--then gluing the hardwood to the concrete.

Where can I find pricing comparisons on concrete floor finishes online?

there are a lot of comparisons regarding concrete floor finishes that you can find online here is one example there you could a lot of floor concrete that you can compare to other.

How do you find floor plans on an existing home?

visit provide them existing floor plans details , they will guided you and also design the customized floor plans

Can you pour concrete on concrete to fix an uneven surface for garden shed foundations?

Sorry.No, it will not stick, and if you use quick-rite, it will end up chipping sooner rather than later. Long answer.There are three challenges to resurfacing concrete.Firstly Interslab adhesion: to get wet concrete to stick to dry concrete an adhesive is necessary.Secondly minimum slab thickness: Concrete typically does not have the strength to stick to it's self if it gets too thin (3" typical). Special blends can overcome this by having smaller minimum thickness, but these blends tend to have smaller maximum thickness as well. for example one polymer modified concrete can go down as thin as 1/4" but has a maximum thickness of one inch.Thirdly layered systems do not have uniform porisity and can be more vulnerable to water and salts than a monolithic slab, and should be sealed.I Agree with what this person has said. But there are alternatives to fix your existing floor. Depending on how bad the existing floor is, you can power wash the existing concrete floor and place an epoxy floor on top of the bad concrete. If you want to know what an epoxy floor looks like, a lot of schools have epoxy floors. Ever pay attention and realize a schools floor looks like linoleum, but there are no seams. That's because it is an expoxy surface spread over a concrete floor.There are many alternatives to patching and repairing your floor, but standard concrete on top of an existing concrete slab doesn't hold up well.For this application I would recommend a "self-leveling compound" which is also called "self-leveling grout". It is a thin mixture designed to flow evenly and level out hills and bumps in concrete (or stable wooden sub-floors) prior to applying ceramic tiles. But it can also be used to cover/level cracks or dips such as a floor that originally was sloped for a drain. Once dry and cured you can put any covering you want on it.

How do you clean an interior brick floor?

You can clean an interior brick floor with water and a mop. If the floor is extremely dirty, you can use a store bought brick cleaner detergent to mop the floor.

Can you paint over previously painted concrete floor?

Yes one can pain over previously painted concrete floor. To do this one will first have to get all of the loose paint and debris off of the concrete floor and then simply paint over it.

Is floor is a concrete noun?

Yes, the noun 'floor' is a concrete noun.A concrete noun is a word for something that can be experienced by any of the five physical senses; something that can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched.A floor can be seen and touched.

A glass dropped on the floor is more likely to break if the floor is concrete than if it is wood why?

A glass dropped on a concrete floor is more likely to break than if it was dropped on a wood floor because the concrete has no bend to it. A wood floor might help absorb some of the impact by bending slightly when the glass hit it.

How do you prepare cement floor for vinyl tile?

Ensure concrete is clean, smooth and dry. Concrete should be first cleaned with degreaser to remove any residue. Use a self leveling compound if floor is not level or has some low areas. Fill any cracks or holes prior to using leveler. Allow leveler to dry overnight and seal concrete the following day to prevent moisture from wicking through concrete. Install flooring of choice.

What is likely to be an order of concrete carried by a truck to make a garage floor?

What is likely to be an order of concrete carried by a truck to make a garage floor

Is 3.5 thick concrete ok for a basement floor?

yes it is, if that is the bottom floor

How does the cost of slate flooring compare to concrete?

A finished concrete floor is generally less expensive than a slate or stone floor. A simple professionally poured concrete floor can average about $5.00 a square meter. An installed slate floor costs considerably more that concrete depending on the tile you choose and installation costs. Slate flooring is more expensive than concrete. Stamped concrete is also an option that looks nice but it is still less than slate.