How do you prepare for GMAT?

To score good marks it is important to concentrate on each and every subject and section individually. You have to find out your strength and weaknesses, and have to work on them.

3 - Sections of GMAT CAT Test are:

ESSAY: My suggestion is to think for a while, write down whatever comes to you, and only then start typing.

MATH: There is nothing extraordinary in math section, you will find that, there are those types of questions which you have faced earlier in your preparatory tests or sample papers. So, practice hard and keep viewing sample papers.

ENGLISH: Understand the basic concepts involved in various type of question. Understand the types of errors etc..

Reading books, taking online practice tests, join the GMAT preparation classes. However, i found the online practice tests on web very useful, as it can be taken anywhere and anytime.I liked the ones on this website like,,, the tests are timed and also have answer explanations.