How do you prepare for middle school?

Middle school in some areas may consist of 6th grade and some areas begin middle school at 7th grade. Regardless, middle school is a large jump from elementary school. One thing you will notice is that there is a lot more freedom. Another noticeable change is that there will be more classes and work that goes along with it. There will no longer be a teacher to escort you in lines around your school. But do not let these changes overwhelm you, since you will be ready!

  • Have all of your supplies ready. In classes, the teacher will assign which materials for what.
  • Know the school. Part of the anxiety students have is that they will get lost. Even if you've never stepped inside of your new school, there will always be friendly teachers and 'veteran' students willing to help you get to your classes.
  • Create a work schedule. Since you will be having more work to do due to the increase in classes (don't let this make you nervous!), create a schedule in which you can follow.
  • Bring a journal. Keep track of your assignments and upcoming tests.
  • Memorize your locker combination and number. Write it on your hand or a slip of paper until you've got it down. It's easier than you think.
  • Make a good impression. Chances are if you say "good morning" and participate in class, you'll already have a good impression on the teacher- which is wonderful!
  • Participate!

Once again, don't let any of these changes overwhelm you. Middle school in many ways was more interesting than elementary school. You're with students you age, there's more freedom, more classes that you choose, and opportunities to make friends as well as learn new things.

See the link below to learn how to open your locker and have effective skills to help you excel in school.