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Q: How do you prepare laurie's kitchen stuffing mix?
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Do you have to cook the stuffing first?

This would depend on what kind of stuffing you are making, whether or not it is the instant stuffing (IE: Stovetop) or homemade. It also depends on whether or not you plan on making it separately, or stuffing the turkey with it. If you are using an instant stuffing, it is wise to make it last, as it only takes approximately 5 minutes to prepare. If you are making homemade stuffing, it is wise to prepare your bread crumbs in advance, so they have time to harden. If you are stuffing a turkey, prepare the stuffing mix prior to stuffing the turkey, then place it in the turkey's cavity. Please be advised that special precautions should be taken when doing this, as a turkey that has been stuffed, when improperly or incompletely cooked, can give additional rise to food borne illnesses.

How much salt is in suffing mix?

The answer can be found on the stuffing mix packet.

What company makes Stove Top stuffing mix?

Stove Top stuffing mix is a prepackaged mix of stuffing that one cooks on the stove with water and a fat, typically butter. It was introduced by General Foods, and is currently manufactured by the Kraft Foods company.

Does Safeway Stores still make stuffing mix with their label on it?

Yes, they do! It is called Safeway Stuffing Mix... and a couple varieties are available/ seasoned or plain... Hope that helps!

What is the best turkey stuffing mix?

one you make yourself

Is it ok to use bread stuffing mix past due date?

no not at all

How do you correct cooked stuffing that is too salty?

You can add diced cooked potato (unsalted) and mix it in. Potato absorbs salt and should balance out your stuffing.

Correcting too much salt in stuffing?

Add more bread to the stuffing and mix well. You may need to adjust the other ingredients too.

Can a person use canned broth in a stuffing recipe?

If you are making a stuffing mix then you would normally add breadcrumbs to herbs and mix together. You could add canned broth to it, it isn't as good as fresh but would work.

How many bags of bread stuffing do you need to stuff a fifteen pound turkey?

One bag of stuffing mix will sufficiently fill a 16 lb turkey.

How do you prepare meow mix?

dont you buy that...

How do you make bread stuffing with sausage?

To make the stuffing with sausage....take whatever recipe you want to use and just add your UNCOOKED sausage to the mix. You can used Jimmy Dean or whatever.

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