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Micromolar solution:

Suppose 300 is mol wt of compound


300g in 1000 ml -- it becomes 1M

300,000 mg in 1000 ml ---it is also 1 Molar

1 mg=1000 microgram


300,000,000 microgram in 1000 ml ----it is 1 molar


300,000 microgram in 1 ml ----it is 1 Molar

1 molar=1000 milimolar


300,000 microgram in 1 ml -----1000 milimolar

300,000 ----------------------------- 1000,000 micromolar

0.3 microgram --in 1 ml it is 1 micromolar

simillarly convert the ml as you want

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Q: How do you prepare micromolar solution of maltose?
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Prepare a 1 micromolar solution?

smiley by dividing molar solution by 1000

How do you make a 10 micromolar solution from a 100 micromolar stock solution?

take 1ml from stock solution and dilute to 10ml of water to get 10 micromolar solution

How do you make a 10 micromolar solution from a 50 micromolar stock solution?

Dissolve 2ml from stock in 8ml of diluent.

How do you make a 25 micromolar solution from a 50 micromolar solution?

The easiest way would be to take a 25 ml aliquot of the 50 micromolar solution with a pipette and transfer to a 50 ml volumetric flask and then make up to the mark with distilled water.

What the product to the reactants maltose and water?

Maltose and water react to form the maltose solution. A sweet solution!

How do you make a 10 micromolar solution from a 20 micromolar stock solution?

dilute it twofold. this means if you choose a 100ml volumetric, take 50ml of your stock and fill it to the mark (another 50ml) with solvent

What is micromolar?

The meaning of micromolar is 1/1 000 000 mol.

How do you make 50 micro molar solution from 5 Milli molar stock solution?

5 millimolar (5 thousandths of a mole per liter) is equal to 5000 micromolar ( 5000 millionths of a mole per liter). To make a 50 micromolar solution from 5 millimolar stock solution, you therefore need 5000/50 = 100 fold dilution. Remove a 10 ml aliquot of stock and transfer to a 1000ml (1 liter) volumetric flask. Dilute with the solvent -usually water, and fill up to the graduation mark. You will now have 1 liter (1000 ml) of 50 micromolar solution.

What is a difference between maltose lactose and sucrose?

Maltose and Lactose are "Reducing Sugar's" in solution with Benedict's Reagent, while sucrose is not.

What indicator should be used to see maltose?

Bendicts solution

How do you make a 10 micromolar solution from a 1000000 micormolar stock solution?

Any dilution of 100,000 (= 1,000,000 / 10) will do, eg. 1 mL added up to 100 L.

How do you we prepare cresol with soap solution?

how to prepare cresol with soap solution

What are characteristics of maltose?

There are various characteristics of maltose. Some of them include the ability to reduce the Fehling solution. This is as result of having free aldehyde.

What compound is produced as a result of mixing amylase with an aqueous solution of starch?

Maltose. Water and Starch mixed with amylase makes maltose

How do you prepare 05Mglutaraldehyde solution?

how to prepare .05M glutaraldehyde solution molecular weight is 100.12 how to prepare .05M glutaraldehyde solution molecular weight is 100.12

How do you prepare a sucrose solution?

See the two Related Questions to the left for the answer.The first is how to prepare a solution starting with a solid substance (and dissolving it). The second question is how to prepare a solution by diluting another solution.

How do you prepare 2 ppm solution of nickel nitrate?

how to prepare 1000 ppm solution of nickel carbonate

Which indicator should be used to help identify the building blocks of maltose?

benedicts solution

How can a solution of ammonia be used to prepare ammonia sulphate?

A solution of ammonia can be used to prepare ammoniumsulfate by reacting it with a solution of sulfuric acid to produce a solution of ammonium sulfate, which can be dried if desired to prepare solid ammonium sulfate.

How do you prepare a 2 M HCl solution from concentrated HCl?

How to prepare 2M HCl solution from con HCl

What test could be used to differentiate between sucrose and maltose?

Benedict's test - from a clear blue solution to a cloudy rust/brown solution.

How can one prepare dilute ammonia solution?

How to prepare 0,28% ammonia

How should you prepare a 4M solution of MgSO4?

Magnesium sulfate is not so soluble in water to prepare a 4 M solution.

How do you prepare 10ppm solution from 100ppm solution?

Preparation of 10ppm solution from 100ppm solutin

How do you make a 200 micromolar solution?

- Divide the molar mass of the compound with 1 000 000. - Multiply with 200. - Weigh this mass if it is possible; alternatively obtain this mass from a stock solution. - Dissolve this compound in 1 L of demineralized water.