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How do you prevent a dog from barking?

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Consider carefully the cause of the dog's barking before choosing a solution. The wrong technique can actually exacerbate the barking problem. For example, if a dog barks because of nervousness or separation anxiety, a shock collar will tend to reinforce the dog's belief that the world is a dangerous and scary place, thereby increasing the dog's barking. See the link below to the Dumb Animal's League for information on the cause of barking and choosing an appropriate treatment accordingly.

The Safest Way To Stop Dogs Barking: Training

I am a part time dog trainer and i think the best way to get a dog to stop barking is to train it to bark! It seems silly but it is totally effective! if you train the dog to bark on command it will only do it when you ask it to. Alternatively you could figure out what causes the dog to bark e.g. the door bell therefore when the door bell rings train the dog to use it as a cue to do something else like go on its bed so when the door bell rings the dog will go onto its bed instead of barking! simple! :D

I hope people will understand the importance of using positive reinforcement rather than scolding or harming dogs!

Another (Safe) Alternative to Prevent Your Dog From Barking

A dog parent can also try safe ultrasonic bark control. When your dog barks the ultrasonic bark control unit emits a high frequency sound that only your dog can hear. Each dog bark triggers the bark control unit to emit the sound. The dog will stop barking when he/she hears it. Soon the dog will realize that their barking causes the uncomfortable noise and will stop barking. The ultrasonic bark control is not recommended in a house with cats since they are also able to hear the high frequency sound.

There are two types of Safe Ultrasonic Bark Controls: Indoor and Outdoor. The Indoor Bark Control unit sits on any flat surface in your house. The Outdoor Bark Control looks like a Birdhouse and can be placed on any outside tree. The device not only looks great for your outdoor decor but an added benefit is controls not only your dog from barking but also your neighbor's barking dog. The Indoor Bark Control unit can be controlled manually or automatically. Manually means you will press the button when you hear your dog bark. Automatic means the device will emit the sound when it picks up the dog bark.

Anti-Bark Collars

First remember that anti-bark collars will NOT fix the problem by themselves. They are a training aid which will be only as effective as the training support you give them. Failure to praise immediately and genuinely the instant the dog stops barking will result in failure to teach the dog not to bark.

There are three basic types of anti-bark collars: shock, ultrasonic, and citronella. Shock collars emit a small current when the dog barks, somewhat similar to a zap of static electricity (depending on the settings on the collar). Ultrasonic collars emit a high pitched sound when the dog barks. This sound is above the hearing range of humans, but not dogs. The citronella collar sprays a mist of citronella scent toward the dog's nose when he barks.

In a comparison of effectiveness of each of these three types of collar, studies have shown that the relative effectiveness of each is:

20% ultrasonic anti-bark collar

44% shock anti-bark collar

89% citronella anti-bark collar

The main drawback of ultrasonic collars in that any dog in range receives the signal even if they weren't the one barking.

The main drawback of shock collars is that some types of barking are exacerbated by the shocks.

The main drawback of citronella collars is having to refill the collar with citronella periodically.

Other thoughts on barking issues:

  • We purchased a bark collar off the internet. It is placed around the dog's neck and will give the dog a "electric jolt" if she barks more than once. If the dog barks more than once and the collar gives a shock, it will continue to give more shocks in increasing voltage if the dog keeps barking. It will stop with the jolts after a certain amount of shocks are given, for the dog's safety, and will then reset. We have found this collar to work fabulous! The dog learns that it is okay to bark once and no more. We monitor her neck closely for any problems, irritation from the collar etc. You can get these at any pet store, plus they come in different setups with the voltage etc.
  • I was house sitting for a couple with a dog wearing electronic collars. When I first arrived at the home I noticed the dog smelled. On closer inspection I discovered the dog had been burned by his collar and the wound had become infected. I took him to the vet hospital and was told this type of injury is not uncommon.
  • If you're not sure about the barking collar, there is another way. It's really simple: All you have to do is a simple correction to the dog. This is my number one treatment for dogs that have problems like this, sure it takes a while, but it works. What you should do is once the dog gives a sign of a bark about to happen then give the correction. All it is, is a simple touch with your two fingers at his neck. Don't do it hard to hurt the dog. But, when you do the correction make a sudden noise like"no". The dog will then understand. Do that a couple of times until you see progress. Always remember to be calm assertive and calm submissive.
  • Each time the dog barks you can smack it on the bum or gently on the snout, you may also do this with any other behaviour you want to prevent a dog from doing.
  • A dog parent can also try safe ultrasonic bark control. When your dog barks the ultrasonic bark control unit emits a high frequency sound that only your dog can hear. Each dog bark triggers the bark control unit to emit the sound. The dog will stop barking when he/she hears it. Soon the dog will realize that their barking causes the uncomfortable noise and will stop barking. The ultrasonic bark control is not recommended in a house with cats since they are also able to hear the high frequency sound.
  • What i have found to be VERY productive is water guns and they are like 50cents
  • We have a Labrador who had the most irritating bark. We asked a dog trainer how we can stop this. You can buy a empty spray bottle from a hardware store and fill it with water. Every time the dog barks, spray the dog with one quick spray and firmly say "NO!" This works, our dog hasn't barked for a long time now.
  • All these are good answers but unless they're keeping neighbors or you awake with barking, just let them bark you like to do they.
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