Cold Sores

How do you prevent cold sores?

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September 18, 2010 7:12AM

Well, cold sores are caused by all of the acid that goes into your mouth. For instance, maybe you're drinking too much soda. So, all you have to do is:

-don't drink soda all the time

-drink milk and water

Hope I helped!

Perhaps this person from the first answer is thinking of canker sores that are inside the mouth.

Cold sores/fever blisters are the same thing.

Their medical name is Herpes simplex 1. It is not the same as genital herpes simplex 2 but the same family.

Herpes (cold sores,fever blister) is a virus with no cure. Once you got it you got forever. But the intensity and frequency drastically decrease the as the years go by.

So there is no way to prevent an outbreak but there are certain triggers: a fever (hence the names-fevers come with colds) & time in the heat and sun (because it makes your body hot).

Only one thing was ever effective against mine & it was anti-perspirant. Put it right on the sore right thru the blister & then the scab stage.

Where my sores would last up to 2 weeks - with anti-perspirant they were gone in 5 days max.

It dries out the blister makes it scab in a 10th of normal time & then dries out the scab so much it falls off after 1 or 2 days.

It makes sense, of course, cause anti-perspirant is made to keep skin dry .