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If you are having a consistent problem of twitching you may want to see your doctor. Most twitching problems are involuntary so you cannot really keep yourself from doing this. Your doctor may want to do an MRI or run other tests. They will then help you by giving you medication or possibly an operation if necessary.

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How Can you prevent eyebrow twitching?

Don't have too much sugar.

Why does your arm keep twitching?

my arm isn't twitching.

Why is your left arm twitching?

There could be several medical causes for a left arm twitching. The twitching could be caused by a muscle or even a nerve.

Does proprioception deficit cause muscle twitching?

yes it does cause muscle twitching

Can chlamydia cause muscle twitching?

Chlamydia won't cause muscle twitching.

What is the cause of muscles twitching?

Muscle twitching is mainly cause by stress and anxiety.

What causes head twitching in children?

Typically neurological problems will cause head twitching in children. This twitching could be helped or cured by certain prescribed medications.

Is twitching serious?


What is twitching?

twitching is when any part of the body (most commony i the eye) is in a short fast movement..

What is the medical term meaning twitching of muscle?

Fasciculation is involuntary twitching of skeletal muscle fibers.

What is the medical term meaning twitching of an artery?

Pulse is the medical term meaning twitching of an artery.

How do you stop twitching your nose?

You should speak to a doctor about getting your nose to stop twitching. Nose twitching can be a sign of nerve damage. It also can happen when people are tired or stressed out.

Is thumb twitching normal?

Thumb twitching is not normal if you thumb twitchs you may want to consult a doctor.

What is toretts syndrom?

Toretts syndrome is a horrible condition where people are affected by twitching. This twitching is sometimes painful to the person.

How do you stop eye twitching?

you stop twitching your eye, generally it's a virus. Don't stick your eye in there anymore.

Identify the complete verb ''With closed eyes and twitching tails the lioness and her cubs slept in the shade''?


What part of speech is twitching?

The part of speech of twitching is a verb like when you twitch your eye or other parts of the body

Why would your horse twitch too much?

To some horses, twitching is just natural. But often times, the horse is twitching because of flies or other insects. twitching is just their way of getting the flies off of them.

Why is your dog twitching?

Your dogs leg may be twitching because it may have gotten hurt or because it doesn't have strength with in its body......

Can eye twitching be caused by a cold?


Why is your cat twitching?

Cause I peed on it

Why does a dog cry when its twitching?

they dont...

What rhymes with switching?


What is the Japanese sound effect for twitching?

A common sound effect for twitching is ひくひく (hiku hiku) in Japanese.

Why do dogs cry when their twitching?

Both the crying and the twitching could be pointing towards a painful injury of some kind. See a vet!