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How do you prevent nightmares?

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It is proven that purple actually prevents nightmares. I am serious. No joke.

Purple can prevent nightmares. Its a proved fact.


Role of Counselor's in Prevention of nightmares

If nightmares are persistent and unbearable help from a Psychology Counselor or from a Psychiatrist who has enough time and experience in therapeutic counseling is required.

Role of Medicines in Prevention of nightmares.

SSRI inhibitor medicines or short acting tranquillizers can be effective in preventing nightmares.

Both Medicines and Psycho dynamic (Freudian) Counseling can be used for effective prevention of nightmares

Alternative Therapy

  • Past life regression
  • Childhood healing
  • Homeopathy
  • Witchcraft
  • Herbal treatment for relaxation

Past life regression and other forms of treatment require expertise. Most people who practice claim to be experts, even tutor and furnish overwhelming anecdotal evidence of cases they have healed. Caution is advised in undertaking these treatments not because you waste money, but because they can potentially harm the individual.

Homeopathy is a scientific method of treatment, which goes in minute details of patient's life, likes, dislikes. This is a good bet to stop nightmares.

Preventing nightmares by identifying the cause

Knowing the cause of nightmare may obviate need of doctor and with the help of someone who is dear, you may be able to prevent nightmares at home.

  • Unresolved conflicts,
  • deep seated fears with origin in the

1. recent or

2. distant past

3. even past life,

  • severe suppressed resentment,
  • psychotropic medicines,
  • illicit drugs,
  • psychiatric illness

are common causes of nightmares.

How to prevent after having identified the cause?

Those emotions, which are suppressed, surface in dreams.

They may hint at the 'bothersome cause', which could be in forgotten past.


Nightmares that forebode or warn of impending future catastrophe is more fictional than factual.

It must be realized that 'subconscious' is far deeper, wider, subtler, pervasive, responsive and expressive than the 'conscious' state of the mind.

Nightmares can be useful guides to pin point and treat past trauma.

Time is also effective in preventing nightmares

Usually nightmares cease by themselves as disturbing and often-suppressed emotions get the required ventilation or expression in the individual's dream state.

Dr. Ashok Koparday

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Why does purple prevent nightmares?

There is no particular color, whether purple or any other, that can prevent nightmares. Nightmares are produced by each person's subconscious mind, expressing the dreamer's problems and fears. However, any charm in which a person sincerely believes - a dream catcher, a nightlight, a statue of a saint, nighttime prayers, etc - can help ease tensions and encourage peaceful sleep. because purple is a natural absorbent of nightmares, its only logical to know that purple should be used worldwide as a anti-nightmare dosage.

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