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I have had big blocks since I was 18 Im 57 now still a gearhead . Have seen this prob. Do you have aftermarket valve covers ? Factory ones have baffles and good ones have baffles .Cheap ones will do nothing but blow oil out total JUNK . My saying I live by is PAINT AND CHROME WON"T GET YOU HOME ! If you do not have a pcv valve you need to install one . Good luck ! No subs. for cubes big blocks rule !

2011-03-15 02:42:23
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The wire specs for a 69 chevelle are Mag-Styled Wheel Covers and Simulated Wire Wheel Covers.

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NO - The 55 covers are for a 265 and are staggered bolt pattern where the 66 283 are straight across bolt pattern.

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Where can I purchase valve covers online?,is a great place to find all kinds of valve covers.Ansen Enterprises has hundreds of in-stock items to choose from; including Chevrolet, Ford, Pontiac, and Mopar. Ansen can even Laser Engrave your logo onto the valve covers, air cleaners, and breathers if you desire! All ANSEN products are made from high-grade die-cast aluminum in Torrance, California.

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