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How do you prevent positive on marijuana drug test?

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The only definite way that i know of is just to not use marijuana at all.

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What drug components test positive on a drug test for marijuana?

The cannabinoids in marijuana are detected - and thus cause the drug test for marijuana to be positive.

Can you test positive on a drug test if you kiss a marijuana user?


Can you test positive by touching a bag that had marijuana in it?

Absolutely not. You'll need to inhale the drug, and let the THC saturate in your blood for you to test positive on a drug test. Touching a bag of marijuana will not cause you to test positive.

Is there a Prescription drug that will test positive for Marijuana?


You are going for an urine test and you use marijuana would you be test positive even if the main purpose of the test is not a drug test?

My answer would positive because marijuana is the main dangerous drug which can ensure other in the category .

Can you test positive on a drug test if you eat a cookie with marijuana in it?

yes? there is the substance.

Will you show positive on a drug test for THC from touching marijuana?


Will second hand marijuana smoke make you drug test positive?

It is possible to test positive for marijuana use purely from second-hand exposure.

Can second hand marijuana alter a drug test?

Can Claritan cause a false positive for cocaine drug test.

Will hydrocondone show positive for THC on a drug test?

No. THC is marijuana

Can smoking cigarettes give a positive read in a marijuana drug test?


Will soma show up positive for marijuana on a drug test?

yes ! not in a normal blood test , but if a drug test is taken it will show up as positive however it also depends when or how long ago did she do the drug before the drug test

You smoked marijuana 12 days ago and do not smoke but once a month or less. Will the drug test be positive?

..probably...;) ** It is likely you will test positive for the drug.

What can show up on a drug test for marijuana even if you don't smoke marijuana?

yes it can be a false positive.

Do non smokers in the same room with the marijuana smokers test positive when a drug test is administered?


Can you fail a drug test with out smoking marijuana?

You can fail a drug test if you've been exposed to any drug the test is designed to screen for. That may or may not include marijuana. Drug tests may come back positive for marijuana if you unintentionally consumed marijuana in an edible state or of you inhaled a lot of second-hand marijuana smoke. If you have not smoked or eaten marijuana recently (within 1-2 months depending on what kind of test) and the test comes back positive, the test may be faulty and you should try again.

What drugs show t hc on a drug test?

I'm assuming you mean THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical in Marijuana. So marijuana is the only drug that will test positive for THC.

Does the amount of marijuana smoked show up in a drug test?

no it does not, but it will show positive

Will vicodin cover marijuana on a drug test?

No, but it will give a positive result for opiates.

Can second hand marijuana smoke give a positive drug test?


What drug shows positive on a drug test as marijuana?

Marijuana. Technically the class of compounds known as cannabinoids would also give a positive result, but about the only way to get these in your system is to use marijuana or something derived from it.

Will eating a marijuana brownie show up in a urine test?

Yes, if you eat a marijuana brownie will show up in your urine test as a positive drug test.

How much marijuana does it take to show up on a drug test?

A very small amount of marijuana can show up on a drug test. Most companies will allow a small amount of up to 20 ng to show up on a drug test and not test positive.

What can cause a false positive for a marijuana drug test if you have not used pot?

Using someone else's urine, who has used pot, for the drug test would give a false positive.

What chemical in marijuana makes you pop positive on a drug test?

Tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC.

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