How do you prevent pregnancy?

Take birth control (pills, patch, ring, shot, etc), wear condoms, or practice abstinence. Avoid sex when you are ovulating.

Pregnancy solved

Abstinence is the only way to prevent pregnancy with 100% effectiveness. JUST DON'T DO IT!


There are many contraceptives available like the pill or contraceptive injections, however, to fully protect yourself against pregnancy AND sexually transmitted diseases you should really use a condom.


Not having sex. Abstention is the guaranteed prevention. But there are various contraceptive devices (condom, coil et al) as well as the contraceptive pill. There are also surgical procedures to artificially sterilize.

The one method that works ALWAYS is not to have sexual intercourse. IF you are going to have intercourse, there are means of birth control that REDUCE the chances of becoming pregnant- nothing works EVERY time. Condoms (when worn and used correctly) are fairly effective. There are foam contraceptives, birth control pills, etc- and the rhythm method- not having intercourse during the period when you can get pregnant.

If you are in jovial mood and female keep away from Boys. If you are married and do not want babies. just swallow pills. Ask your male partner to wear a condom or you can use a diaphragm, insert spermicide gel into your vagina. or go for IUD, etc. Or keep your legs closed.

To be able to have sex without getting pregnant you need to use real contraceptives, and to use them right. Either go see a doctor, or buy yourself a packet of condoms.

You can prevent pregnancy by using a condom or birth control pills.