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Take the transmission out of overdrive. I believe there is a button right on the gear shift to do this with.

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Q: How do you prevent the transmission from downshifting and surging during speeds of 25-45 mph on a 1999 Kia Sephia?
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Will a 2000 Kia Sephia dohc transmission fit on a 95 Kia Sephia sohc block?

will a 2000 kia sephia dohc transmission fit on a 1995 kia sephia sohc block?

Kia Sephia automatic transmission fluid type?

what kind of transmission oil for 2001 kia sephia thanks

Where is the speed sensor on a 1999 Kia Sephia?

The speed sensor on a 1999 Kia Sephia is located on the transmission. It is just behind the bell housing for the transmission.

What is the correct automatic transmission fluid for a 1999 Kia Sephia?

The 1999 Kia Sephia is compatible with Dexron III automatic transmission fluid (ATF). The Sephia can also use Dexron/Mercon and Mercon LV ATF.

Where is the speed sensor in a 99 Kia Sephia?

on top of the transmission

Where is the transmission located on a 99 Kia Sephia?

right in front of the driver

Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 2000 Kia Sephia?

on top of the transmission in the front on top of the transmission in the front

How much transmission fluid do you put in a 1998 Kia Sephia?

75w 90 if you have a manual transmission.... 2.8 quarts.

Your overdrive light is flashing on and off on your 97 Kia Sephia?

its your transmission. try flushing it and using lucas...if that doesnt work you need a new transmission... :(

Where is crank sensor on Kia sephia?

The crank position sensor is mounted on transmission bell housing in the front.

Where do you check manual transmission on 1997 Kia Sephia?

It is important to check and maintain the fluid levels of a vehicle. A person can check the manual transmission fluid of a 1997 Kia Sephia by looking under the hood and checking the dipstick with the cap labeled ATF or Trans Fluid.

Where is the transmission computer located on 1998 Kia Sephia?

The transmission computer is on the drivers side under the dashboard. It's held in with two ten millimeter nuts. Then it slides out.

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