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How do you prevent the windshield wipers from running regardless of the wiper switch position on a 1997 Toyota 4Runner?


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unplug the wiper motor under your hook, its located at the back of the engine compartment on the passenger side


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ughh i have the same problem. you need to fix the windshield wiper motor

NOTE: To prevent glass and/or paint damage, do not pry windshield wiper pivot arm from windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shaft with metal or sharp tool. 1. Turn ignition switch to the ACC position. Turn turn signal and windshield wiper switch ON. Allow windshield wiper motor to move the windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shafts three or four cycles, then turn off the turn signal and windshield wiper switch. This will place the windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shafts in the park position. Turn ignition switch to the OFF position. 2. Remove the windshield wiper pivot arm and windshield wiper blade by first applying downward pressure on the windshield wiper pivot arm head, while holding the windshield wiper pivot arm. Then lift the windshield wiper pivot arm to the highest position and, using finger pressure only, grasp slide latch tab and slide latch out from under the windshield wiper pivot arm head. Remove windshield wiper pivot arm and windshield wiper blade assembly. 3. To remove the windshield wiper blade, insert a screwdriver into the slot provided at top of the windshield wiper blade frame, push down on spring lock and pull the windshield wiper blade from the windshield wiper mounting arm and pivot shaft . 4. Install the windshield wiper blade onto the new replacement windshield wiper pivot arm. See sources and related links below for replacement wiper blade information.

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