How do you prevent users from logging on to facebook?

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Some kids appriciate the use of large passwords. Longer passwords and a mix of letters and numbers should keep users from logging on to your account.
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How do you prevent other users from logging on to your computer?

use the classic logon screen in Windows XP Professional the administrator is enabled by default and you can logon to it by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL AT THE LOGON SCREEN in Windows XP Home Edition the administrator is restricted during regular operation u may only logon to the Administrator account ( Full Answer )

After log-on it automatically log-off user?

Each time open a browser and point it to Instagram, you are metwith the sign-in screen and must manually enter your username oremail and password. Have you bought followers,may be that could be because ofthat,check once with

How do you log in Facebook?

To log into Facebook, go to the Facebook website, type in thee-mail address you used to register the account, and type in yourpassword.

How do you log in to Facebook?

Go to and there will be a place at the top where you can sign in. It will ask for your email and password. If you cannot remember your password you can click on "Forgot your password?" and it will send a new one to your email.

Find if the entered user has logged in or not?

ls -l|tail +2|tr -s " "|cut -d " " -f2,9|sort -n|tail -1 . An easier way would be to use the 'finger' command - it will tell you when the user last logged in.

How can you log into Facebook?

just type in your e-mail address and your password and hit enter or log in and that's it!

How-to log in in Facebook?

Go to facebook at And type in your email and password on the top right corner. If you didn't register yet, do that.

How do you log into Facebook?

in order to login to facebook you must have an account which you can make by tuyping in facebook sign up or login on google and click on the one that you need. your user name would be your Email account and your password would be the one you chose to be your password on facebook.

Can not log into your Facebook?

If you have a login problem on facebook. That update your PC date and timing and then try to login again.

Will not let you log on to Facebook?

it is possible that you have been phished or perhaps left it on and a friend may have changed your password, because i, jokingly, did that to my friend. hahaha. i would say you should reset your password. go to the log in screen, click "forgot pasdword", enter security code and your e-mail address. ( Full Answer )

How do you log out of Facebook?

top right under the account drop down list there is a log out button You head over to the rigth hand corner of the page, click 'account' and you'll find the 'log out' optionThe option to log out of your account is located in the account dropdown menu at the top-right corner of Facebook. To get ba ( Full Answer )

Logging out on Facebook?

On the top right hand corner next to home, there's a down facing arrow. Click the arrow and on the drop down list click log out.

Why can you not log in to Facebook?

Facebook is probably down for repairs for the last six month , I can't log in either ,can someone give us an answer about this error 105 which seems to guilty of this ?

How do you log off on facebook?

in corner of your profile ther ll be a downward arrow mark click it in that log out will be there

How do you log in to facebook and not be seen?

As soon as you log on click on your chat box and click 'options' go down to 'go offline' Then you can be on and no one will know unless posts show up on your wall from things that you are doing. My advice is if you don't want people to know you are on and you plan on doing apps, don't post anything ( Full Answer )

How do you log-in in Facebook?

On the homepage of Facebook, type your email address and password and click the Log In button.

Why wont it let you log in to facebook?

Your password is probably wrong. Go onto the facebook website and change your password and receive the e-mail and verify that you were the one that changed it. That should work! It worked for me.

What do you do if you cant log in facebook?

Make sure you are typing the correct information. . If you gave out your password, check with those people to see if they changed it . You may have been hacked so you should go through with the password recovery process

How many users can log into quickbooks?

QuickBooks provide different options that allow multi-users in acompany file at the same time depending on the software versionbeing used. The max. number of simultaneous users for QuickBooks Pro is 3 userswhile for the Premier Edition is 5 users. The largest multi-userlicense that can be purchased ( Full Answer )

Can not log in Facebook?

Try again double checking your email address is correct and Password If it does not work click "Forgot your password?" By the login area and they will send you an email with everything you need :) I hope this helps you. :)

How do you log out from Facebook HD on iPad?

Turn your iPad to the portrait mode to see the account button. Tap the ACCOUNT button to get your logout option. Or Tap the Facebook icon at the top of the screen and a menu will pop up with the option to log out.

Why does the computer log a user log off immediately after logging in?

On XP / Vista, this is likely an issue with the winlogon key in the registry being either missing or corrupt. This is the result of a virus, or more commonly, virus software automatically removing a virus. If you can boot to a recovery console or off your original install disk, edit the regist ( Full Answer )

How do you log into facebook on another users computer?

you should be able to the way someone would if a computer ownerlogged onto his/her facebook account. but what about a computer ata library. I can't access my account from it. It says that someonetried to hack it. But, both times i tried it showed it so I knowthat it's not real. I have an active acco ( Full Answer )

How do you log out from Facebook?

in to top right hand corner where it says profile home account select account and a drop down menu will appear at the bottom it says logout, click that

My Facebook User has been hacked I Have changed the password and also My email password But how do I prevent further hacks?

It's not having a different password that really matters, but the strength of your password. Try throwing in numbers and odd characters to increase the strength. Also, don't stay logged into Facebook when you are away from your computer for long periods of time. And make sure that you actually "log ( Full Answer )

How do you log in to your Facebook account?

To access your account, enter one of the following pieces of information into the "Email" field on the login page, enter your password into the "Password" field, and click the "Login" button: Any email address that is currently listed on your Facebook account. Your username. A username is your p ( Full Answer )

How do you log on as the computer administrator from user?

If you are using a windows based operating system then go to start menu click on switch user or Log off (if switch user button is not available directly), you will be asked to enter the name and password of your administrator account. Enter it and you will be logged on to administrator. If you are ( Full Answer )

Can not log on to Facebook?

This happens some time what you do is shut of and turn on you computer then if it is still not working then wait a little while the connecting may not be the best.

How do you log off Facebook on iPad?

On my I pad 2 i go to the menu...where it has your name...messages...friends ect on the left. There is a list...on the bottom of the list the will be settings . click on this and you may the log off in red ...If not hit the account button and you will find it there. It took me hours to figure this ( Full Answer )

How does a computer user log into their computer?

well there are many different ways a person can log into their computer depending on operating system. in a windows environment you would have to enter the user name and password or just password if it is password protected. on mac osx just the password and in a Linux environment it would be similar ( Full Answer )

How logging in helps computer users?

Logging in lets the computer know it's you, and helps the user in two major ways. First it sets up all your settings, your screen saver, desktop background, and any other likes and dislikes that you want to personalize the way you like it so that you have a better experience. The other major thing l ( Full Answer )

How do you change your log-in password on Facebook?

just login to your fb account.. click on the down arrow on the right top end of the on account settings. in that page you will find the option to change your password

How do you log in as a different user?

If you are trying to log in as a different user, you will need to use a different email address. If you only have one email address, and have already used it, you can create a new account using Gmail or Yahoo.

How many Facebook user does Facebook have?

Currently the number of active facebook users are more than 8 million. But it is expected that in 2012 this number may rise to 1 billion in 2012

How do you log off another user?

Click on the Start menu On the bottom right of the window that shows up, you will see an arrow; click on that. You will see many options to click on (Switch User, Lock, Restart, Log Off, etc.) Click on the one that says "Log Off". Hope that helps (: