How do you program a Phillips DVD player with a comcast remote?

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You can't. You must use the Phillips DVD player remote.
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How do you use an RCA d770 to program your DVD player?

Answer . If you know how to program the D770 remote for device buttons other than the DVD device button, then you shouldn't have much of a problem. However, I suspect that you are unaware of the procedures for programming the remote (as I was before I researched it), or your DVD player is newer t ( Full Answer )

How do you program a toshiba tvdvd with a comcast 3 in 1 remote control?

YOu must program it as a Toshiba DVD using the AUX button on remote control and the codes 0695 (which worked for me) or 0503, or 1045. Then seperately set up the volume by changing the volume control lock according to directions. FYI... Comcast could not help at all! _______________________________ ( Full Answer )

Philips universal remote codes for symphonic DVD player?

Symphonic DVD player WF-104 code for RCA universal remote model RCR311S is 30675. If this one doesn't work for you, then you just need to download the official Owner Manual for your particular remote. The RCR311S owner manual was in pdf online! Best Wishes-this can be a very frustrating problem!

How do you Program lg tv with comcast cable remote?

I believe I've tried every combination, spoke to people at Comcast and LG and still can't figure it out. Any ideas? I was told that LG used to be Goldstar so I tried the Goldstar codes and sure enough the "0178" worked for me. I used it on my 42LG50's. I would assume it will apply to other LG LC ( Full Answer )

How do you program a Comcast 3-in-1 remote control to work a Symphonic DVD-VCR?

You may not be able to. There are a few "hard-headed" manufacturers who make sets and equipment that have remotes with "oddball codes" and they cannot be replaced with the universal remotes. Some Symphonic units are like this. Comcast tech support may be able to help. Call them. They work for you. B ( Full Answer )

How do you reset a Phillips DVD player?

The factory-preset password can be found in the manual (which can be found online on the Phillips homepage). On my Phillips DVDP 3264 it was 136900. If you have changed the password - ask Phillips tech support. Edit: This password even works on Philips DVD player model# dvp3588k.

How do you program a remote?

A remote for what? A TV? A garage door? A toy car? A laptop from a computer? Anunmanned military drone? Be more specific.

How do you program a comcast remote with onkyo remote?

I am still trying to get the correct code, 'cuz all Onkyo rcvrs seem to have this problem. But jcarr1 has a solution on this web site: Hope this helps.

How can you get your Dish network remote to work with a coby DVD player?

The only code we have for the Cody DVD player is 001. I have provided instructions on how to program the remote to your DVD player. Address To Other Equipment Using Code . Remotes: Multiple Mode Buttons (TV, VCR, AUX) . Press and hold the desired mode button until all mode button back lights ( Full Answer )

Can comcast send a remote?

if you never got one they should have given you one and you should contact them or go to a store. if you lost it you can also go to a store

Comcast remote code for Mitsubishi?

I went to Microsoft Live Search ( and I typed the question, "What is the Comcast Digital Cable remote code for Mitsubishi?" I clicked on a link, and the following web-page had information about all cable television stations, but I DIDN'T find any information based on the Comcast ( Full Answer )

Nad receiver code for comcast remote?

... I have a a NAD receiver and its remote control unit is not fully functioning i.e., I did replaced with new batteries yet it does on control the functions in the receiver. Whatever the keys I just press on the remote, I find the light and that is all, just the light on the keys but no functions a ( Full Answer )

Code for comcast remote and sylvania tv?

I had the Comcast guy here on Friday, my TV is the second Sylvania LCD that he hasn't been able to program. Still trying, will update as soon as I figure it out.

Record to DVD from Comcast?

If you have an external DVD component recorder and a Comcast DVR, just plug the output from the DVR into the input of the recorder. Then you can record your "My Recordings". Start the DVD recorder, then start the saved event. But you will have to leave it unattended, start it when you are not going ( Full Answer )

Program vizio sound bar to comcast remote?

After much research, here is a step-by-step for getting your Vizio Soundbar to work with the Comcast remote using EFC codes (mine is the newer charcoal grey one, works great!) Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 11144 (2 blinks) Aux - Setup (2 blinks) - 994 - Setup - 00169 - Vol Up - Should get 2 blinks Aux ( Full Answer )

Why can't a tv remote be used to operate a DVD player?

Remote controls are designed to operate with specific devices. Normally, a television remote control will not have the buttons to operate a DVD player. However, some manufacturers have television remote controls with DVD controls built in and a player from the same manufacturer can be controlled by ( Full Answer )

How do you program your DVD player to your dish network?

First, you will want to visit the link provided below to get thecode for your DVD Player. Once you have the codes you can follow the steps below to addressyour remote to your DVD Player. Keep in mind the remotes are notguaranteed to work all types of equipment. Addressing Remote to DVD: 1.) Press ( Full Answer )

How do you enter code in comcast universal remote?

Press the button of what you want to program (cable,tv,or aux). Hold the set up button until your button of choice flashes twice. Enter your code (I had to enter a additional 1 to the beginning of my code). The button of choice should then flash once and it is now ready. I used this on a maxent 50' ( Full Answer )

What is Magnavox DVD Player DP100MW8B remote code on a dish network remote?

Here are the codes for the Magnavox DVD player: 661, 527, 533, 685, 554, 556, 678, and 679. Here are instructions on how to program the remote to the DVD player. Address To Other Equipment Using Code . Remotes: Multiple Mode Buttons (TV, VCR, AUX) . Press and hold the desired mode button u ( Full Answer )

How do you deprogram a comcast 3 in 1 remote?

You can't, these remotes are pre-programmed to the digital set top box. If you need to change the televisions programming, you can simply re-program over it.

What is the comcast remote code for curtis tv DVD combo?

I just bought Curtis ledvd1975A TV/DVD combo. I have tried every RCA, SONY, Sylvania code as suggested by other message boards in the Comcast site. I have the Xfinity remote. Any ideas for other codes to use?

Why doesn't a Phillips portable DVD player come with a remote?

Probably because as a portable dvd player with a small screen, you are expected to sit close enough to see. This means that you can reach and so dont need a remote. Some portable dvd players are capable of being plugged into a tv, but these ones on the whole do have a remote

How do you program a dish network remote to a magnavox dp100mw8b DVD player?

To address the remote to your DVD player, just follow the steps below! Addressing Remote to DVD: 1.) Press and hold the clear AUX button until all mode lights light up. 2.) Release and AUX light will be blinking. 3.) Press 1 for a VCR/DVD and enter the code. (E.G. If DVD code is 617, enter ( Full Answer )

Does comcast have a secret shopper program?

Yes, Comcast works with secret shoppers to measure, understand and improve the Comcast customer experience. Become a Comcast mystery shopper here:

How do you program your dish network remote to work on DVD player?

To program a remote to a DVD player, all you would need is the code, and the steps. In order to provide a code, we would need the model of DVD player. The related link will allow you to lookup the codes. The steps to program the remote are below! Addressing Remote to DVD: 1.) Press and hold th ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase a Phillips DVD player?

Phillips DVD players can be purchased in the electronics departments of most major stores such as Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis. They can also be found at Argos, PC World and larger Tesco stores.

Where can a Phillips portable DVD player be bought?

A Phillips portable DVD player can be purchased from online websites such as Amazon or Ebay. Portable DVD players are also available on the high street from stores such as Currys and Argos