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How do you program a craftsman garage door opener 139.53683?


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The SECURITY+ Universal Remote Control Conversion Kit consists of a receiver and remote control(s). This accessory will convert almost any garage door opener to rolling code technology. The remote control sends a coded signal from outside the garage. Inside the garage, the plug-in receiver accepts the transmitted signal and starts the door opener. With Security+, the code between the remote control and the receiver changes with each use, accessing over 100 billion new codes.

PROGRAMMING THE RECEIVER The receiver and remote control(s) have been factory preset with a matching code. The door will open when you press the LARGE push button. You can activate your opener with up to eight SECURITY.I. remote controls (with blue push buttons) and one SECURITY+ Keylees Entry.

If you purchase additional remote controls to operate this receiver: 1. Remove the receiver actuator cover. 2. Press and HOLD the selected remote control push button (Illustration A). 3. Then press the SRT (learn) actuator on the receiver (Illustration B). The adjacent indicator light will FLASH. Release the remote control push button. The opener will now operate when either the receiver actuator or the remote control push button is pressed. NOTE: If the remote control push button is not held down until the receiver Indicator light flashes, the receiver will not learn the code. To erase ALL remote control codes from memory: Press and HOLD receiver SRT actuator. Indicator light alongside will glow. When the Indicator light turns OFF (in about 6 seconds) ALL codes will be erased. 3-Function Remote Control A Select a remote control push button to operate receiver UnlversalReceiver SRT Actuator Light THE REMOTE CONTROL BATTERIES Open this end first to avoid cracking housing. Twist to open The lithium batteries should produce power for up to 5 years. Replace batteries positive side down, as follows: Use the visor clip or screwdriver blade to pry open the case as shown. To replace the cover, insert the 3 tabs at the opposite end and snap shut.

Make sure you are using security plus remotes with blue buttons. Simply press and hold the button on the remote and then press the srt learn button on the receiver and the light bulb should flash. If this does not work you either have a bad remote, receiver or wiring. Make sure the wiring is good and hooked up to the push button terminals.