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what sort of remote do you have you'll more then likely need to take your car to a dealer with the scan 100 tool and security card to have it programmed or your dealer may have a tech 2 that may be able to do it

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โˆ™ 2006-03-30 10:50:10
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Q: How do you program a key-less remote for your 2001 Daewoo Leganza please help?
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You got obd2 code p1780 on your Daewoo Leganza What is that?

P1780 Push - Pull Sensor Mal, could you please explain what the push - pull sensor is please?

How program a remote keyless beepers Nissan pathfinbder 2002?

this a lot of bs, please unsubsrcibe me from your site.

How do you program a Volvo s80 keyless remote?

To program a Volvo s80 keyless remote you need to make sure that your engine of the car is turned off. Please make sure the trunk is close and the doors are locked. Put your key in the ignition and then turn it right and then back left.

How to program remote for a 1999 VW Passat?

You can program the remote part not the key side, to reprogram the remote still you need two keys. if you need more details email me please give me programing instructions for keyless remote

2000 buick century but no keyless remote but have keylessremote for a 2003 ponitiac gprix can you program it to the buick?

look on the back of you remote it has to have these numbers gm: 10246215 and model/fcc id: abo0204t if you need the program procedure please ask or post (locksmith)

How do you replace the thermostat in a 2001 Daewoo Leganza CDX?

ON a 1999 Daewoo Leganza the thermostat is located on the upper radiatior hose. Unlike most cars this car has a thermostat that is integrated into the housing. You must purchase the housing with the thermostat built in. It is removed by removing the 2 female torx screws that hold the unit in place. The thermostat is expensive. Some dealers or auto parts want an avg of 125 for that thermostat so please make sure that is the problem before you purchase it. You can sometimes get lucky and find someone posting the unit on e bay. Best luck I have had for any parts for a daewoo is a location in Puerto Rico. The site for this is Call them. I got a thermostat for $60 among many other parts. O'Reilly Auto has them for 36.99. They are online.

How do you replace the speakers in a 2000 Daewoo Leganza?

If somebody knows the answer, please let it know. This morning i tried to remove the speakers in the back and asked myself why, why, why in godsname it is constructed this way. It looks like i have also remove the breakinglight before i can remove the complete plate (i hope!!!) Very strange and sick way to design it this way.

How do you reset the keyless remote of ML-320?

I have just replaced some batteries in my 2001 ml 320 keyless remote and its not activating my security system. How do I get the remote to work again? Please help!!!

How do you find out if your 2001 maxima gxe will accept a keyless remote you purchased it used without remote?

Please email us with this question and we will email you a test you can run on your maxima to check for keyless entry system. Our email - Please check out our new stores

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