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Yes, go to the menu and put the set in the SEARCH or SCAN mode after selecting the proper input mode for the type antenna source, cable or off-air, etc.

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Q: How do you program a new television to receive all available channels?
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Do you have to have to program a new television to receive all available channels?

you have to program a new television to receive all available channels.

Do you have to program a new tv to receive all channels?

Yes when you program it or autotune it reaches its full channels

Can you use an antannea to get TV?

Sure, but how many channels you receive will depend on your location and the available TV transmitters in your area. Consult your owner's manual for the details. It should all be in there.

Does atsc tuner receive new digital tv channels?


Why can receive nearly all the digital tv chanels but itv and chanel 4 are not available?

Those particular channels may yet still be analog from your cable provider. Try doing a channel search with the analog tuner portion of your TV and see if they show up there. If they do, you'll have to switch between digital and analog inputs on your TV to receive the channels.

What are all the channels you will be able to view with a converter box?

Any television receiver, whether a converter box or an integrated receiver in a television will only be able to receive channels that are being broadcast on the platform that the receiver is designed to use. Worldwide, there are thousands of broadcasters with many thousands of channels. The answer to the question is to look up the output from local broadcasters to see what is available.

How many television channels can you receive with a tv converter box?

It will depend on the type of box and the country you live

Does a TV tuner allows your computer to receive television channels from a cable connection and display them on your computer monitor?


Does dish tv have a box that will get you the sub channels of the regular channels?

Most of our receivers except our K models and the 922 receivers, have a coax port labeled TV Antenna In/Over The Air Antenna In. This allows you to receive the alternate local channels in your area. The K models and 922 receivers required an OTA module that plugs into the back of the receiver. With this module, you can receive the alternate local channels.

Can you use an old satellite dish to receive digital TV signals?

yes, but it will have a limited number of channels

What is a built in digital tuner?

A built in digital tuner is capable of receiving digital broadcasts. In the recent past older televisions were only able to receive analog broadcasts. Almost all new televisions now have digital tuners built in to receive digital broadcasting . Only a few digital channels are available and may require a separate digital antenna. To get more digital or HD Channels (requires HDTV), you may want to subscribe to either cable TV or satellite television. Both are good options, however satellite TV currently has more HD channels than cable TV.

Can a new cable affect the channels that you receive?

no it cant because the cable can stay just about anyway eg if it was the new model of the samsung tv it would probably effect it but if yours isn't the type of samsung no it wont affect the channels that you receive

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