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How do you program a remote garage door button in 1999 Chevy Tahoe to open garage door?


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It can be tricky, first off the instructions can change depending on brand and model of your garage door opener, but try this.

  • First off locate your Learn/Smart button on your opener, if you have a Chamberlain, Sears, LiftMaster it will most likely be on the back of the unit or the right hand side (while facing toward the door) just below the wire terminal (the button is usually red or green).
  • Next go to your car and clear the homelink. To do this press and hold the 2 outside buttons for up to 30 seconds or until the indicator light starts blinking more rapidly. This usually takes almost the full 30 seconds.
  • Next hold your hand held remote up to the Homelink and press and hold both buttons(the one you want to use in the car and the button on the remote) until your indicator light either blinks faster or goes out completely.
  • Now go back to and press your Learn/smart button on your Garage Door Opener and quickly (you have up to 20-30 seconds) return to your car and press and HOLD the button you programmed for 5 seconds. Now you should be able to hit the button and work the door (With these rolling code type openers you may have to always hold the button in for 1-2 seconds to send the signal.)
  • Good Luck!!!
  • This method also works for those pesky apartment complex security gates. Clear the homelink, and press the button you wish to use at the same time as the gate opener. That's all!

If you have any problems with the above instructions you can get programming instructions specifically for your car AND garage door opener. Go to the Homelink website at

This is not an affiliate link. I could send you directly to my website where this same information is offered but the link above bypasses my site.


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How to program remote garage door openeYour owner's manual has complete instructions on how to do this. But, it requires that you have the remote opener provided by the garage door company. On my Buick, you just hold the button on the car's opener and the remote at the same time. The car's opener will beep and this should do it. Try thisStep 1: hold the hand help remote 3 inches away from the button you choose to program in your vehicle and hold down bothe buttons (hand held remote button and vehicle button) you should see slow blinking lights on your vehicle buttons. Once they change to rappidly, let the buttons go.Step 2: on the garage door opener itself, you have a learn button( usually located next to your lights on the garage door opener) push and let go the learn code, a light will appear on above that button, then you will have 30-45 seconds until that light goes off.Step 3: go back to the vehicle, push and hold the button you chose to program from step 1, until you see the garage door opener lights blinkIf that happens then the button is trained. Hope that helps you.Please leave a cooment on my website, and let me know how it worked.

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It's called a homelink transmitter. To clear all previous programming, before you start, hold down the two outside buttons for 10-30 seconds until the red light blinks rapidly. Sometimes it clears quickly and sometimes it takes a while, but it will blink very rapidly when it's cleared. Then to program, you have to have a remote control for the garage door you wish to program. Hold the remote control near the buttons. Press and hold the button on the remote control. Without releasing that button, press and hold the button you want to program. The red light will blink slowly and then when it "memorizes" the code, the red light will start blinking at a different speed. Now the car has programmed the remote to it. You are done, unless... If you have a newer garage door opener, there is more than likely a "learn" button on the back of the motor itself. If this is the case, you have to press the "learn" button on the back of the motor and then immediately press the button in your car. This has something to do with rolling code technology. If this isn't completely right (I'm telling you this from memory), go to for more information. Don't forget to delete your programming before you sell your car.

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The owners manual will tell you how to do it.

Look in your owners manual for the directions.

Check out this site .....

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