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Here are the official instructions that came with the device:

  1. Lift the cover to access the keypad. Figure 1. Decide on a 4-digit code using numbers 0 to 9. You can use a number more than once (for example, 4, 0, 4, 1).
  2. Press the selected code digits on the keypad; then press and HOLD the ENTER button, and press the SRT button on the opener end panel (behind the Control Center for screwdrive), Figure 2. (my note, this is the green button).
  3. Depending on your opener model, when you press the SRT button either the opener light(s) will flash or the garage door will begin to move. Release the ENTER button.

The opener has now learned the selected code and will respond to future keypad commands.

My notes: That is the official instructions. Works similar to a non-keypad transmitter. Unfortunately the green button (SRT) on the back of my opener does not seem to work. It will not clear codes or anything

On the door opener attached to the ceiling by where the wall button wire attaches there should be a 1/4 inch square GREEN button. Push this and it should stay on or flash. Then push the button on the transmitter. The button on the opener should flash, this means it has recorded the transmitter. For a keypad control, On the door opener attached to the ceiling by where the wall button wire attaches there should be a 1/4 inch square GREEN button. Push this and it should stay on or flash. Once the button is on, you have 30 seconds to enter a 4 digit code in the keypad and touch Enter. The keypad on the key panel control should flash. Enter the 4 digit code again and the door should open/close.

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Our instructions say to press and release the "learn" button on the motor unit. It has a picture of a square button below three screw wire terminals labeled 1, 2, and 3.

Within 30 seconds of pressing the "learn" button press and hold the button on your hand-held remote. Release that button when the motor unit lights blink. If you don't have any light bulbs installed you will hear two clicks to tell you it is done.

I researched this all over the internet and tried for 2 whole days every bit of information I was given. So, basically I figured the keypad was just never going to work and that when I got in my new remotes (my older ones died…so I found an exact duplicate on Craigslist and bought them), I decided I would just have to make do with the new remotes. I got the remotes, climbed up my ladder and held down the button that resets everything. My button lights up for 6 seconds and then goes out. Every website said to release the button after it goes out and then attempt to link it with remotes/keypad, etc. NOT SO!!!! I accidentally let up off the reset button as soon as the light came on and held down the button to the remote and IT WORKED!! So..I immediately did it again…ran over to the keypad, hit # (code) and then enter…it WORKED!!! You have a whole 6 seconds before that light goes out, so you need to have the garage door open and..well, might be best to have another person there so you have time to punch in the code. I think to erase all codes/remotes, you have to hold the reset button till the light goes out. But after this, you press the reset button again but do NOT hold down on it. Immediately link up your remotes or enter your new code. Hope this helps someone because I tried EVERY POSSIBLE scenario to get my keypad to work, even found the manufacturers guide to my model and it did NOT explain this at all.

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I do believe that the wireless keypad 139.53876 will only work on doors with a transmit frequency of 309 Mhz, which were discontinued about 1999. Most newer door systems have high-security features that would require a specific opener. The 130.53876 will not work on new garage doors.

Get the actual model number off the Garage door opener motor. Put that number into Google and you should be able to get the correct one.

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goto your opener/ if your on the outside and looking in the learn/smart button should be in the left light cover pull the cover off find the black or red button press it then press your remote control button the openers lights shout flash twice or click.

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Q: How do you program a wireless keypad model 139.53876 on a new 2008 Sears Craftsman door opener?
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How do you program a Stanley 3220.51 garage opener to a wireless keypad?

There are two types that I know of. One has bar in both the transmitter and opener with a series of little switches on it. They can be set in any combination of on/off as long as they match. The other type only has this in the transmitter. You set the combination you want and on the opener where the wall button wires attach there should be a small 1/4 inch square button. Push it and it should flash and then stay on. Push the button on the transmitter and the button should flash and go out. The opener should receive the new code.

Craftsman garage door key pad the code was changed but the old code still works as well How do you erase the old code?

Depends on the type of garage door remote and opener you have. IF it is the older type with dip switches then just match the new number to the motor heads to the remote. If it is not then there are a series of easy steps, but without knowing the correct one it's difficult to determine.

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