How do you program garage door remote control?

Your must first find out what kind of garage door opener on the garage end you have. Not all are compatible with all remotes. Research this. If it is, then proceed to On the unit mounted above the garage door, a cover comes off and a small button used for programming remotes is accessible. This button is small in size and might be red or purple (it was on mine.) Press this button on the main unit and while pressing it, depress the button on your remote. This action placed your overhead unit into "learning or programming" mode. While this is occurring, your sending unit, aka remote, is sending an RF signal to the main unit. Your remote will continue to send for approx. 15 seconds. Once you have pushed all appropriate buttons on the each unit for a max of 8 or so seconds, the lights on the overhead unit will blink once or twice indicating a new code was received by the remote unit. At that time you should test the remote to ensure it works. This process took me 8 days to figure out. A small step ladder might be needed to reach the overhead unit. Good luck.