How do you program remote garage door button in 2007 Chevy Avalanche to open garage door?

Ok....I have a Avalanche 2005 and I think the programing are the same. To program your Avalanche Universal Garage Door opener please follow this steps. 1. First, turn your vehicle's ignition switch to the second or accessory position. 2. Press and hold the first and third buttons at the same time and keep it pressed for 20 seconds, releasing them when the indicator light begins to flash. Now the remote is in training mode and is ready to be programed. 3. Press the desired Avalanche's remote button that you want to use, any of the three buttons, keep it press simultaneously with the button of the original handheld remote, don't release it, the light will blink slowly and then fast blinking,... now you can release the buttons. This mean that the programming was successful. 4. Press the Avalanche's desired button, if the light is solid the remote is ready. If the light blink fast for 2 seconds, that's mean that you will need to do one more step because you have what is called rolling garage door opener. 5. Go to your machine and you need to find the "learn button". (I have a Sears 3/4", the button is next were you connect the sensor wires). Press that button, you going to have 30 seconds to go back to your car and press and hold the desired button, released after 2 seconds, then press the button again to end the learning mode on the machine. The light inside the garage will blink and is ready to go. Quick review: 1. Turn the key and press the 2 side buttons for 20 sec. 2. Press the desired button and the remote button at the same time. 3. Press the desired button and if blink fast for 2 second continue the next step 4. Press the machine's "Learn Button" and press the car's desired button twice. I hope this help, chao!! God Blessings, Quiquichu