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How do you program the remote for a 2007 Toyota Camry?

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2009-01-12 11:58:47

1) Make sure that the key is not in the ignition, the doors are

unlocked, and the driver's door is open. 2) WITHIN 5 SECONDS,

without turning, insert and remove key from the ignition twice.

(leave key out) 3) WITHIN 40 SECONDS, Close and open the driver

door twice. (leave door in open position) 4) Again, insert key into

the ignition and remove it. This time only once. (leave key out) 5)

WITHIN 40 SECONDS, Close and open the driver door twice, then close

the door. 6) Insert key into the ignition and leave it in the LOCK

position. A. Add mode: A1) Turn the key to "ON" for 1 second, then

turn back to "LOCK". A2) Remove the key. A3) You’ll hear the doors

"LOCK" and 1 second later "UNLOCK" (just listen) A4) On your

remote, press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for 1 to

1½ seconds, then let go. A5) On your remote, IMMEDIATELY press

unlock by itself. A6) You’ll get one of three responses: R1) You’ll

hear the doors "LOCK", then "UNLOCK" once. The remote is ac-cepted.

If you want to program another remote, immediately proceed to step

A4 with your second remote, otherwise open the driver’s door and

the remote is registered. R2) You’ll hear the doors "LOCK", then

"UNLOCK" twice. Either you didn’t use the same remote in steps A4

and A5(not likely), or this remote was already registered. The

timing was off when you pressed the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons

simulta-neously and then UNLOCK by itself. Immediately press the

two buttons together and the unlock by itself again. Keep trying

until you get the locks to signal once that you have been

successful. Then if you have another remote to program, quickly

press its' buttons as before, until you hear the locks signal once.

When you are finished, open and close the driver door to lock in

the programming. R3) If no response, go back to step 1 near the

beginning of these instructions.

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