How do you prograre your dish network controller to my Orion tv?

To program your DISH Network remote to your Orion TV you will simply- press and hold the TV Mode button on your DISH Network remote, until all the other mode button back lights illuminate, then release.

-Now while the TV mode button is blinking enter in the remote code; 720 which is the remote code for your Orion TV. After entering 720, then press the pound (#) key.

-After pressing the # key on the DISH Network remote, the TV mode button should blink 3 times and then turn off completely. This will mean the programming of the DISH remote to your TV has been completed successfully. While still in TV mode try any of the functions on the remote, such as turning the volume up or down on your TV or attempting to press the power button.

-The DISH Network remote should now be programmed to control your TV.

-If the remote code 720 doesn't program the DISH Network remote successfully you can also try the following using the same procedures, 220, 748, 721, or 062.