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as we see that most people keep on saying what is the true meaning of one Malaysia when there are some people who does not practice it. TRUE. but what we have to bear in mind, look at ourselves through the mirror...Are we ourselves practice one Malaysia? and if we do, then that question wont appear anymore.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-19 11:15:38
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Q: How do you promote one Malaysia?
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Why was Malaysia given the name Malaysia Truly Asia?

"Malaysia Truly Asia" is a tagline to promote Malaysia as a tourist destination.

Ways to promote tourism in malaysia?

butoo pak ang

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How can you tell that no one in Malaysia lives far from the sea?

Malaysia is a peninsula

How can you tell that no one in Malaysia lives far from sea?

Malaysia is a peninsula.

How do you improve tourism industry in Malaysia?

i improve tourims industry in malaysia with make a lot of promotion , like promote it with internet or media. futhermore , upgareting all the fasilities so by that we can get lot of benefits and can improve our economic.

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One will find that SAINS Malaysia offers a variety of services and has multiple clients. One of their main clients if the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital.

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What were the imperial powers of Malaysia?

The British Empire was an imperial power in Malaysia. At one point, Japan was also an imperial power in Malaysia.

Is ipoh an island?

Nope, Ipoh is one of a state in Peninsula Malaysia of Malaysia in Asia.

Is Malaysia part of Africa?

Malaysia is one of 194 countries in the world. It's capital is Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is in asia.

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Why there need subsidiary legislation in Malaysia?

Subsidiary legislation is required in Malaysia in order to promote the rule of law and restore order. It is necessary to empower the courts and other legislative units to keep the authority in check against political and social injustices.

How can someone get in contact the OCBC Bank in Malaysia?

There are many ways one can get in contact with the OCBC Bank in Malaysia. One can get in contact with the OCBC Bank in Malaysia by contacting them by phone or visiting the official OCBC Bank website.

Is Malaysia in Indonesia?

No, of course not. Malaysia is not in Indonesia. But our location is quite close. Malaysia consists of two parts, namely the peninsular and the Borneo part. The peninsular Malaysia is located to the north of Singapore while one of the Indonesian Islands, Sumatra is located to the west of peninsular Malaysia.

How many KFC's outlets are there in Malaysia?

that is a stupid question. no one will ever waste their time drive across malaysia counting the 'valuable' number of kfc outlets in malaysia

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There are several online websites dedicated to helping one to find a job and several of them offer jobs in Malaysia. These websites include Monster-Malaysia, Job Street, Best jobs, and Jobiness.

How many type of trees are there in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the most bio-diverse nations in the world. There are at least 2,000 species of trees in Malaysia with more consistently being discovered.

Who is the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia?

No one yet. Malaysia has only 6 Prime Ministers so far.

How can you tell that no one lives in Malaysia far from sea?

Malaysia is a peninsula.

What is the population of Peninsular Malaysia?

It is part of the country Malaysia. Malaysia is broken in two parts; Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysia Borneo. Peninsular Malaysia is the east side of Malaysia and is also known as West Malaysia and Malaya.

Have One Direction been to malaysia?


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What are the postal code of Malaysia?

One is 71***