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How do you pronounce bongiovi?

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You pronounce Bongiovi the same way you pronounce Bon Jovi.

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What is the birth name of Matt Bongiovi?

Matt Bongiovi's birth name is Matthew Bongiovi.

Does Jon Bon Jovi have any brothers?

Jon Bon Jovi has two brothers - Matthew Bongiovi and Anthony Bongiovi.

Was Jon Bon Jovi named after his dad?

Yes his full me is John Francis Bongiovi Jr his father's name is John Francis Bongiovi Sr.

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What is Jon Bon Jovi's real name?

Jon Bongiovi

What is Jon Bon Jovi's real last name?


Who is Jesse Bon Jovi?

Jesse Bon Jovi is Jon Bon Jovi's son. His full name is Jesse James Louis Bongiovi. His last name is Bongiovi because Jon's actual last name is Bongiovi but he uses Bon Jovi as his stage name. Right now, I think he's 14.

Bon Jovis real name?

John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.

What is Bon Jovi's full name?

John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.

What is the real name of Bon Jovi?

John Francis Bongiovi Jr.

What college is Stephanie bongiovi attending?

Hamilton College in Clinton, NY

What is the translation of 'Bon Jovi'?

Originally, Bon Jovi was written in Italian as "Bongiovi" . ( Jon Bon Jovi's actual name is "John Bongiovi" but he changed the spelling from Italian to an easier equivalent in English.)

Does John Francis Bongiovi speak Italian?

Yes, John Francis Bongiovi speaks Italian.Specifically, Mr. Bongiovi (born 1940?) is the father of performer Jon Bon Jovi (born 1962). He knows Italian as it is spoken in Sicily. His family left Sciacca, Italy to become part of New Jersey's Italian American population.

What is the real name of Jon Bon Jovi?

AnswerJohn Francois Bongiovi Jr

Who is Jon Bon Jovi's mum?

Carol Bongiovi (maiden name Sharkey)

What is Jon Bon Jovis dads name?

John Francis Bongiovi, Sr.

What is Jon Bon Jovis real name?

born John Francis Bongiovi, Jr.,

Is Stephanie Bongiovi graduating from high school in 2011?

Yes, she graduated in June of 2011

What is Jon Bon Jovi's sister name?

Jon Bon Jovi Does Not Have A Sister; He Only Has Two Brothers,Matthew 'Matt' Bongiovi(Born 1974) And Anthony Michael Bongiovi(Born In Either 1966 Or 1968) He Is Older Than Both Of Them

What is Jon Bon Jovi last name?

his last name IS bon jovi but it is spelled Bongiovi

What is a Christmas song from 1980?

R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas by ...... Jon BonGiovi No kidding!

What part of Italy is John Francis Bongiovi from?

Bongiovi's grand parents were from Sciacca, Agrigento "Sicily" Italy.

What is the real name of the lead singer of Bon Jovi band?

John Francis Bongiovi Jr. <3 :)

What is John Bon Jovis birthday?

John Bongiovi (Bon Jovi) was born on March 2, 1962

What is 'Bon Jovi' when translated from English to Italian?

Bon Jovi in English is Bongiovi in Italian.