How do you pronounce dank je?

Dutch is Very Hard to Pronounce I've heard.

But I can Try to Explain it.

D- Same in "Den"
A- Well, its the clean British sort of A, like in "All"
n- As normally Like "Net"
k- as u Pronounce the C in "Cat"

In short, " dank " rhymes with Yank, as in " the cellar was dark and dank "


J- pronounced as the Y in "yarn"
e- Pronounced like the a in "An" But in this word, its a "Stomme e" Which means u pronounce it as the u as in "Utterly"

Now My mouth maneuvers

D- Put Your tongue against the back of your Tooth, And let out a small burst of breath. then quickly move your Tongue away.
A- Open your mouth, Put your Tongue a bit back, And let the air burst upwards.
N-Put your tongue against the Middle of The Top of your Mouth (blockade the air) and burst out upward air.
K.Position your tongue At the "N" Position, And then burst out air, and quickly Move away your tongue (Like at D)

J- As in "Yes", No need to explain
e. This one is kind of hard to explain... at least it has A Upward Burst.

But its nicer to say "Dank u"
But that "u" Is harder to pronounce then the "Utterly" kind of u.

I know, its really confusing, so you should probably find a vocal of someone saying Dank je.

Although, No worries, Almost Every Dutch Person knows English.