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Pronounced "feh-mih-NIN-it-ee"

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Q: How do you pronounce femininity?
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What is a sentence for femininity?

Femininity is a lost art among women in today's society.

What are the traditional concepts about femininity and masculinity?

Femininity = graceful masculinity = strong -apex

What is 'femininity' when translated from English to French?

"Feminity" in English is féminité in French.

What is the symbol for femininity?

The symbol for female or femininity is the same as that of Venus, a circle with a cross hanging from it: ♀

What is femininity in Tagalog?


What does a bra in voodoo symbolize?


What is the definition of the word femininity?

Femininity is often defined as: 'with characteristics of the genus that could produce offspring'. Or 'with regard to a woman, typical attributes of a woman: feminine charm'.

What has the author Ingrid Gottfries written?

Ingrid Gottfries has written: 'Dimensions of masculinity-femininity related to other personality variables' -- subject(s): Femininity, Masculinity

What does the color pink mean in Literature?

Innocence and Femininity

What is 'femininity' when translated from English to Italian?

FemminilitÃ? is an Italian equivalent of the English word "femininity." The pronunciation of the feminine singular noun -- which may be preceded by the feminine singular definite (la, "the") or indefinite (una, "a, an") articles -- will be "FEM-mee-NEE-lee-TA" in Italian.

What does a curved line symbolize?

Curved lines symbolizes creativity and femininity

Phoebe represented femininity to Clifford This is an example of which literary term?


How is femininity and masculinity defined by popular culture?

Femininity is defined as girly, soft, weak and mainly associated with the female race. Masculinity is defined as manly, tough, rugged and is mainly associated with the male race.

How does Chinua Achebe interpret femininity in Things Fall Apart?

Femininity was described in many aspects of Things Fall Apart. Females were the providers of life, nurturing and comfort. As women they were considered symbols of fertility and desire.

What are some Julius Caesar's tragic flaws?

over confidence, obesity , femininity

In Bernice Bobs Her Hair representations of demonstrate the changing values of the 1920s.?


It is true that a clue to a woman's views of her femininity might be found in her choice of underwear?


Why was Hera important to Greek Mythology?

Hera was important for femininity; she was the goddess of women and marriage.

How do you count to 10 in dutch?

een (Pronounce: eyn) twee (Pronounce: twey) drie (Pronounce: dree) vier (Pronounce: veer) vijf (Pronounce: vive) zes (Pronounce: zes) zeven (Pronounce: zeyven acht (Pronounce: acht) negen (Pronounce:neygen) tien (Pronounce: teen)

How does sexual orientation not determine masculinity?

It just doesn't. Sexual orientation has no correlation to masculinity or femininity.

What has the author Shirley See Yan Ma written?

Shirley See Yan Ma has written: 'Footbinding' -- subject(s): Sex role, Femininity, Jungian psychology, Footbinding 'Footbinding' -- subject(s): Sex role, Femininity, Jungian psychology, Footbinding

What has the author Mariann Burke written?

Mariann Burke has written: 'Advent and psychic birth' -- subject(s): Advent, Christianity, Femininity (Philosophy), Femininity of God, Mythological interpretations, Religious aspects of Self-actualization (Psychology), Self-actualization (Psychology), Symbolism

What has the author Angela McRobbie written?

Angela McRobbie has written: 'Jackie: an ideology of adolescent femininity' 'Working-class girls and the culture of femininity' 'Feminism and youth culture' -- subject(s): Youth, Psychology, Cross cultural studies, Employment, Teenagers, Feminism

What color is for femininity?

IN USA - pink is feminine IN POLAND- blue is for feminine cant tell you about other countries