How do you pronounce hijab?

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You pronounce hijab like hij(the i should be pronounced short) jab and if you cant really pronounce it then you can call it a head covering or i call it a scarf.
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What and when is the origin of the Hijab?

627 C.E. The Prophet Muhammad wanted to segregate the women from the men. Also, he wanted to help the women to wear a hijab so they won't be recognized in the streets, and no harm would come to them. The above answer gives the (wrong) impression that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wanted ( Full Answer )

What is a hijab?

A hijab or ijāb (حجاب), as commonly understood in theEnglish-speaking world, is the type of head covering traditionallyworn by Muslim women, but can also refer to modest Muslim styles ofdress in general. Similar head coverings (Wimple or Wimpel) arealso worn by traditional orthodox Ch ( Full Answer )

What is the Muslim hijab?

a Muslim hijab is a piece of cloth worn on the head as part of Islam. it is to prevent people to seeing a girls true beauty. some people discriminate girls as a result although they do this for the love of their religion. the people who can see a girl without a scarf are her: brother father unc ( Full Answer )

What is the hijab?

Hijab is the islamic covering women and girls must wear in the religion of Islam. It is a modest dress covering the hair, ears, and neck . It should never be short or tight. It should be modest and not attracting attention. The only things visible should be the face and the hands/fingers.

Do muslim men prefer hijab?

Muslim men are starting to prefer hijab more as modernity ensues. A recent poll conducted, that about 80% of men in Saudi Arabia would be ok to see women in hijab.

How do you put on a hijab?

There are many different types of Hijab so it all depends on whch type yuo wear. The most simplest is a one piece hijab that you simply slip over your head

How do you wear a hijab?

Muslim females wear hijab to obey the command of Almighty Allah as it says in the Quran and to please Allah as an act of worship to God.

What is hijab in Islam?

Hijab is when a woman covers everything but her face an hands without trying to show off her shape or wearing bright/intricate patterns and colors.

Why do women in Iraq wear a hijab?

Well I'm a Muslim myself, It's not just in Iraq that the women wear hijabs. It's in most of the Muslim countries and the reason why is because they don't want other men looking at their women. Imagine if a woman in a full body hijab and a half naked American woman is walking down a street when a gro ( Full Answer )

Can i take my hijab off?

If you are married woman, you can take it off ony at home where nowbody accept of your family can see you If you're not married, you can take it off and all members of your family can see you like that Also Muslims have to wear a hijab because no other man is aloud to see u without a hijab\ if your ( Full Answer )

Do Muslim women wear a hijab?

HIJAB provides a safe and secure situation for women to work and have effective role in society. They regard HIJAB as immunity not limitation. They see that with HIJAB society does not look at them just as pieces of beauty but honors them because of their reason, knowledge and skills. Just a cursory ( Full Answer )

Is it a sin to not wear hijab?

Praise be to ALLAH. When Allaah, may He be exalted, and His Messenger (sAaws) enjoin something, it is obligatory for the Muslim to say, "We hear and we obey," and to hasten to carry out what has been enjoined upon him. This is what is required by faith in ALLAH. ALLAH (SwT) says (interpretat ( Full Answer )

What ia a hijab?

In Islam, Hijab is the dress code for females... in Arabic word literally means curtain or cover (noun). Most Islamic legal systems define this type of modest dressing as covering everything except the face and hands in public.According to Islamic scholarship , hijab is given the wider meanin ( Full Answer )

What does hijab mean?

A hijab is a scarf that female Muslims wear. It derives from the verb meaning covering by the means of clothes.

What is the religious significance of the hijab?

Modesty is the major significance of the hijab. Many people think that Muslim women wear the hijab just a symbol to show that they are Muslims, but this is not the reason to wear the hijab.. wearin the hijab means we should guard ourself by being modes, not revealing much from our body and not seek ( Full Answer )

Why do you wear hijab?

Because its an act of worship to Allah, it says so in the Quraan, the prophet said so, it protects modesty, dignity,.... Also it's a sign of humbleness and respect.

Why are the French banning the hijab?

Because France is sort of a laic country when it comes to education. No one is allowed to practice anything inside school or show any sign of any religion. Although this could be highly (and was) criticized because how are we suppose to show our diversity if we can't show our religion? Especially wh ( Full Answer )

What culture is the Hijab with?

Well, Hijab isn't a country, its a toilet and once you put waste in that toilet, it will turn invisible and eat you... HAVE FUN WITH THAT!

What are the disadvantages for wearing a hijab?

In theory, there is no disadvantages to wearing a Hijab. It is aform of religious freedom which we are all granted in the UnitedStates. The only disadvantage comes from the uneducated people whoare not familiar with Islam. Without being familiar with thereligion, they tend to judge. But the disadvan ( Full Answer )

What does hijab symbolize?

Muslims wear hijab because god commanded them to in their holy book: the quran: also it is a symbol of something called hayaa a mixture of modesty and shyness

What color hijab do you wear?

obviously, one can wear the hijab in any colour they like and accesorize it. there are various beautiful designs and methods to wear the hijab, and they come in all the colours imagined, as well as textures. :)

Why do Muslims women wear the hijab?

Updated Answer Wearing Hijab is an Islamic requirement and is a command by God and Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him). The Hijab comes from the command by religion to wear cloth that covers the whole body, including hair, except the face and the hands. That cloth: . should not be so tight to descr ( Full Answer )

I want to wear the hijab but my husband says he will leave me if I wear the hijab what can I do to wear the hijab?

There is a very well known tradition of the Prophet (upon whom be peace) where he is reported to have said that (sketchy translation) "There can be no obedience to the creation in a matter that would be considered disobedience to the Creator" Allah has commanded the believing women in the Quran t ( Full Answer )

How do you wrap a hijab?

If you have the tarha or the really long one like a yard or more long then you take the end of it and you put it on you head. Pin that end under your chin with the longer side where it can be tight and not fall off. Then, you take the longer side and just wrap it around until it covers your hair ful ( Full Answer )

How do you put a hijab on?

Hijab have two part first u put small part of hijab then put the big part of hijab on .

Where did the hijab come from?

people started wearing in the early 1st century, a woman who wore it had had social and economic standards. Not only did Muslims wear it but also Christians and Jews.

How do you wear hijab?

The purpose of wearing a hijab is to fully cover your hair and your chest. i put on my hijab making sure two equal sides are hanging down then i take the right side and wrap on top of my head and place a pin to hold the side down.

Do you like hijab?

The religion is a choice. If you made your choice to be Muslim, then you commit your self with Islam religion requirements, Allah (God in English) commands and prophet Muhammad teachings. Since hijab is a religion requirement, then there is no room to ask yourself whether you like it or not. It is a ( Full Answer )

What does a hijab look like?

It looks like a scarf that covers head, hair, ears, and neck (but not covering face).

Why has the hijab become controversial?

the hijab has become so controversial because it is believed it can ruin social standings and is a form of submission to men and therefore many governments have become cautious about the ability for women to wear the hijab in public associations

Why is the hijab controversial?

Hijab is a religion requirement. It should cover hair, head, and neck but not face and hands. However, in some countries non Muslims are against it because they feel that it is a demonstration of Islam identity and demonstration of Muslim women adherence to Islam religion. However, Hijab is also rel ( Full Answer )

Why do they wear a hijab?

Muslims wear the hijab because it was written in the quran ( Muslim bible) god said that girls are suppose to wear. so we obey god and follow what he/she said. if you do not wear a hijab when its end of the world you will be in fire carried by your hair and its really painful and i don't want that ( Full Answer )

Why do shias do hijab?

Hijab is compulsory for women in Islam. Shia, the 2nd biggest sect of Islam, thus just like other Muslim brothers do hijab.

Who uses a hijab?

Women in Islamic countries - 'required' to a varying degree depending on which Islamic country that woman lives in. In my opinion it is time that woman were able to exercise the right to be themselves, without restriction. I know the hijab and all the accompanying paraphernalia have been around for ( Full Answer )

Do Muslim women have to wear a hijab?

Yes, Muslim women per Islam teachings must wear hijab that cover hair, head, ears, and neck. Refer to related question below.

Is Hijab compulsory in Islam and why?

Yes, Hijab is mandatory and because Allah said so in the Quraan, so this a command from her God, and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said so. It is a very good thing. In Surah 24 verse 31, Allah says: "And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their ( Full Answer )

Is it disrespectful to wear hijab if you are not Muslim?

No it is not Under the shariah all women would have to wear hijab ____________________________________________ In addition to the above, hijab is originally required also by Judaism and Christianity religion but altered later by their religious leaders. Could you explain: why Virgin Mary (God ( Full Answer )

Why do Muslim women have to wear a Hijab?

this is ordered in Koran by God and prophet said his wives to to so. in Islam the sex relations are limited to family. and no sexual attraction should be between women and men in public. family has high value in Islam and is basic.

Do Muslim teenagers have to wear hijab?

Once your mature (have started your periods or something) at the age of 9 or over then you must where the hijaab and niqaab (veil.) But if you do not become mature and you reach the age of 15 from then on you are counted as mature and all obligatories are compulsory on you

What is a proper hijab?

To not only cover the hair, but to wear loose modest clothes that does not reveal one's body shape. To have manners and lower one's gaze when men are around. All these contribute to a proper hijab.

Is hijab nessary in Islam?

Yes, hijab is necessary in Islam as it is a religious requirement for woman clothing. Refer to question below.

Is hijab important?

modesty, human character Vadmyan his sentence Vafrynsh institutionsthat are interested. Yet international law stressed the necessityto prevent acts contrary to chastity are not the same everywhere,although the degree of compliance with the actuality of the reachof individuals. Veil of the creation o ( Full Answer )

When celebrate world hijab day and why?

The roots of "World Hijab Day" were planted on this day in 2002, marking the day that France banned the wearing of the headscarf in schools. Ten years later, the presence of the veil in public life remains a lighting rod issue, from Europe to the Middle East to Asia.

Why do Muslim men not wear a hijab?

The idea of veiling women is that by tempting men with their beauty, women are the cause of sexual crime. Men don't need to conceal their good looks because women don't rape men, presumably.

Where can different syles of hijab be purchased?

Hijabs in different styles are avaliable in specialist store in certain communities but also on websites online, one such website offering many styles is "unique hijab"

Where can you buy hijab?

Buying a hijab is not that a tough task. You can get it anywhere easily. I usually buy Hijabs and abayas for myself from EastEssence online. The quality of products they have is very satisfying.

What is the criteria for hijab?

Hijab for men People usually only discuss 'hijab' in thecontext of women. However, in the Glorious Qur'an, Allah (swt) first mentions'hijab' for men before 'hijab' for the women. The Qur'an mentionsin Surah Noor: "Say to the believing men that they shouldlower their gaze and guard their modesty: ( Full Answer )