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How do you pronounce philia?

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What are some words philia?

philia means 'has an affinity for'

Does the suffix -philia mean fear?

No, -philia means attraction. -phobia means fear.

What is it called when you have a philia for when liquids (e.g. blood, water, juice) come out of someone's mouth?

After a few days of research, I have created the following mishmash words, whose main variation is in the "come out" part of the word, for this philia:(NOTE: liquida is for the liquid part of the philia, masta for the mouth part, and philia for the philia part.)- liquidadrypamastaphilia (drypa = drip)- liquidautamastaphilia (uta = out)- liquidacascaremastaphilia (cascare = cascade)

What does philia mean?

Philia is one of the four Ancient Greek words for love, and was taken to mean, 'brotherly love' or, 'friendship'.

What is the definition of the latin root word philia?

Philia isn't a Latin root word. It's Greek. It means fear.

What suffix would be opposite of phobia?


What rhymes with cilia?

Philia Sheila Brasilia

What kind of -philia is dog-love in Greek?

The love of dogs is referred to as Canophilia. From Canus + Philia.

What is the Latin word for brotherly love?

I believe that it is Philia

Can you give an example of a word ending in philia?


What is other words with philia in it?

ailurophilia: a liking of cats.

What does the medical terminology combining form -philia mean?

It simply means lover ofThe suffix -philia means to have an attraction to. For example Necrophilia is the sexual attraction to corpse.

What is the Greek word for friend?

greek word for friend is PHILIA

How did hemophilia get its name?

Hemo (or Heamo) = Blood philia = flow

What does the root word philia mean?

philia-to like ^^ i.e. hydrophilia - to like water hydrophobia - to dislike water (but in a psychological sense a phobia is an unwarranted fear of something, the literal word phobia isn't this though)

Where is philia love mentioned in the Bible?

AnswerThe Greek language has different words for different types of love, including agape (unconditional love) and philia(brotherly love). The most important biblical passage that mentions philiais in John's Gospel. Here, Jesus implied that the other disciples gave him unconditional love when he asked Peter, "Do you love (agape) me more than these (the other disciples)?" Each time, Peter answered that he loved Jesus, but each time he was only able to offer brotherly love (philia).

What is an ecophiliac?

An ecophiliac is a person who loves nature. Eco = Nature & Philia = Love.

How do you say friendship in Greek?

Philia (φιλία philía) means friendship in modern Greek

What does -philia mean?

Have a tendency towards or have an abnormal attraction to whatever word is in front.

What is the difference between philia and agape?

one is the love of people and the other is god love

Where is 'philia' type of love in the Bible?

Brotherly love. The U.S. city of Philadelphia means 'city of brotherly love.' Peter used 'phileo' in his responses to Jesus in John 21 when Christ asked 3 times if he loved Him.

What is the term for love of chickens?

Alektorophilia Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens. The suffix -philia is used to form words meaning "an abnormal liking for or tendency towards a given thing". I suggest Alektorophilia is the word for love of chickens.

Etymology of love?

Greek: Philia Latin: Amo/Amatum Also look up French....

What is the Greek word for friendship?

The greek word for it is, philia, philos, philio(also mean friend)

Does Logan Henderson have a disease?

No, unless you mean his attention-whore-philia or too-cute-itis.