How do you pronounce relativity?

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you pronounce it as 'relativity'

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Q: How do you pronounce relativity?
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How can you use the word theory of relativity in a sentence?

Einstein's theory of relativity encompasses two theories: special relativity and general relativity. The theory of relativity is simply referred to as relativity in the field of physics.

Who discovered the theroy of relativity?

Galilean Relativity - by Galileo Galilei Special Relativity and General Relativity - by Albert Einstein

What part of speech is relativity?

The word relativity is a noun. Relativity is a principle in Physics.

How do you use relativity in a sentence?

"Relativity" is a noun. For instance: Relativity is a wonderful concept.

Who invention Relativity?

The scientific Theories of General and Special Relativity were first proposed by Albert Einstein.Special Relativity in 1906 and General Relativity in 1916.

Who wrote the Theory of Relativity?

Galileo Galile wrote "the Theory of Relativity", and Einstein wrote the General theory of relativity and the special theory of relativity.

The principle of relativity of contract?

principle of relativity of contract

Who is the develpoer of the theory of relativity?

Galilean Relativity - Galileo Galilei Special and General Relativity - Albert Einstein

When was the theory of relativity propoed?

The Theory of Special Relativity was published in 1905. General Relativity was published in 1915.

In what year did they discover the theory of relativity?

There was two kinds of theory of relativity, the special relativity was published in 1905, and the final form of the general relativity was published in 1916.

Who developed the theory of reletivity?

When speaking of Relativity, people mostly think of Albert Einstein. However, Relativity was experimented by Galileo Galilei first. So when speaking of Relativity, it helps to be specific: Einsteinian Relativity or Galilean Relativity.

What is the significance of theory of relativity?

E=mc^2 Edit : That equation is part of "special relativity" not "general relativity".

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