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Shack-ya-moo-ni for Shakyamuni but Buddha can be pronounced correctly in a few manners, including:


Bood-da (soft first d)


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Q: How do you pronounce shakyamuni Buddha?
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What is a shakyamuni buddha?

Shakyamuni Buddha is the name of the historical Buddha, so it does not quite make sense to ask "what is a shakyamuni buddha", as there was only one.

What does mean namu shakyamuni butsu?

Namu = homage, respect, praise Shakyamuni = is a name for Gautama Buddha, the historical founder of Buddhism. Shakyamuni means, 'sage of the shakyas.' Buddha was born into the Shakya tribe. Butsu= Buddha therefore, 'Namu Shakyamuni Buddha' can be translated as 'Homage to the Shakyamuni Buddha.' Hope that helps!

Where are Shakyamuni or Guatama Buddha from?


Who is Ananda in relation to Buddha?

Amanda was the cousin of Shakyamuni Buddha.

What is the full name of gautam Buddha?

Buddha Shakyamuni (Siddhartha Gautama)

What was an important tool for Buddha?

"Without doubt, there can be no enlightenment." ... by Buddha Siddharta Gotama Shakyamuni

What kind of transformation occurred when Siddharta Gautama became Shakyamuni Buddha - spiritual or physical or divine?

When Siddharta Gautama became Shakyamuni Buddha, a spiritual transformation occurred.

Who is Buddhism based on?

Guatama Buddha, who is also referred to as Shakyamuni Buddha is the Buddha whose teachings inspired Buddhism.

Who strarted Buddhism?

Siddhartha Gautama also known as Buddha Shakyamuni

Why is Buddha also known as the Sakyamuni?

He was born a prince and his birth name is Shakyamuni.

What was budha's original religion?

The original religion of Shakyamuni Buddha, was an ancient form of Hinduism.

The real name of the founder-of-buddhism?

Siddharta Gautama, Shakyamuni, Gautum Buddha were all his name.

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