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How do you pronounce the french word Jeune?


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*The ZH is not pronounced as the Z in English, closer to (jhuhn).

The closest consonant sound is the ZS of Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor.

(see related sound link) An other way of explaining it would be: The French 'j' is pronounced like the English one except that there is no 'd' at the beginning of the sound. For instance, a Frenchman who would hear the name 'John', he would phonetically write it down 'Djonne' because the English 'j' sounds like 'dj' to French ears.

Another answer

j the 'j' in jeune is pronounced like the second 'g' in garage, a soft consonant. eu The vowel sound 'eu' in this word is closest to 'oo' in 'book'.

n The 'n' is pronounced just as we would in English, and

e the final 'e' is silent.