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How do you pronounce viole?

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voile = voyl

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How do you mix the two primary color to make viole?

red and blue make viole

What is the french word for lesson?


What does gueul ou j'te viole mean in English?

"gueule ou j'te viole" means "shout or else I rape you" in English.

What are the release dates for Le viole - 1908?

Le viole - 1908 was released on: France: December 1908 USA: April 1909

What is the German word for viola?

(die) Viole

What is 'violets' when translated from English to Italian?


What instrument has the deepest vioce in an orchestra's string section?

The bass viole ...

What nicknames does Violeta Rivas go by?

Violeta Rivas goes by Viole.

What is the lowest pitched instrument in the orchestra?

The Bass ... aka Bass-viole, Contra-viole by frequency it is the bass drum, however the lowest pitched instrument in the orchestra is the BBb (double B flat) tuba!

Which is the lowest instrument in the string section of the orchestra?

The bass viole ... or simply, bass.

What are the low sounding instruments in an Orchestra?

Bass viole, Tuba, Trombone Cello, oboe, organ.

What does violella mean from spanish to English?

Nothing. If you said:Viole ella (literary use similar to "Le vio ella") --- She saw you (polite, singular masculine), him.Viole ella (la ley) (from "violar") --- May she break (the law).A context is needed for an accurate translation.

What is the birth name of Loleh Bellon?

Loleh Bellon's birth name is Marie Laure Viole Bellon.

What has the author Nora Pincherle written?

Nora Pincherle has written: 'Come amare le viole del pensiero?'

How do you count to 10 in dutch?

een (Pronounce: eyn) twee (Pronounce: twey) drie (Pronounce: dree) vier (Pronounce: veer) vijf (Pronounce: vive) zes (Pronounce: zes) zeven (Pronounce: zeyven acht (Pronounce: acht) negen (Pronounce:neygen) tien (Pronounce: teen)

How do you pronounce maui?

You pronounce maui mow-E

How do you get to the ruins of alph?

fly to viole city and go east and then go down then your there hope i helped and for more info theres a fat guy so go down not east again

How do you pronounce Micha?

I would pronounce it Misch-a but you could pronounce it Mik-a I guess

How do you pronounce the name ceja?

You pronounce it like this "Say ha" that is how you pronounce Ceja.

How do you pronounce bongiovi?

You pronounce Bongiovi the same way you pronounce Bon Jovi.

How do you pronounce deux in French?

pronounce as "der" - pronounce the "r" only slightly

How do you pronounce frieze?

pronounce it as freez.

How do you pronounce noni?

pronounce it no-nee

How do you pronounce Nineveh?

you pronounce it as heaven

How do you pronounce xinjiang?

how do you pronounce Xinjian