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I assume you mean, how do you field strip the Ortgies pistol. With the magazine removed and the striker in the fired position, move the slide back about 1/2", push the button on the left rear of the frame just below the slide, and move the rear of the slide upward. Run the slide forward off the frame and barrel. Move the striker back until the lug on its right side aligns with the exit track in the underside of the slide and lift out the striker, spring and follower. The gun is now field stripped for regular cleaning. When reassembling, there is an angled notch about midway in the firing pin (striker) channel in the inside top of the slide. After the firing pin is installed, and before the slide is put back on the frame, use a tool to compress the striker spring and move its follower into this notch. This will hold the spring and follower out of the way during replacement of the slide. While handling the slide during installation on the frame, keep a fingertip over the rear opening of the striker channel in case the striker spring follower slips from its notch. While the striker spring follower is in its detente notch, take care to keep the rear of the slide aimed away from your face (and others,of course). If this seems too complicated, or if you can't understand the directions or terminology, you should probably take the gun to a reputable gunsmith for a thorough cleaning (including a detail strip). Have him walk you through the field strip and reassembly process. N.B. The Ortgies pistol only has a grip safety, and it stays released unless the button on the left rear of the frame is pushed. It is not safe to carry or store with a round in the chamber. Do not load it unless and until you are ready to shoot.

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Q: How do you properly clean an Ortgies semi auto 635mm pistol?
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