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How do you properly open the interior door panel for a 1988 delta 88 Oldsmobile royale?


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Remove the window switch control panel on the arm rest of the door panel. This a tensioned spring held insert assembly. You get it out by carefully inserting a screwdriver or butter knife under the back end (towards the rear wheels end) and pop it upwards. (You can now do window switch repairs without going any further. WD40 is good on corroded contacts too.) Unplug the switch assembly. There may be a door panel/ armrest holding screw or two now exposed for removal. There are two large screws under the ends of the door pull strap. Use a real thin blade to pull off the plastic end covers then remove those screws. You now need a panel removal tool which has a " V " or a dinner serving fork with the center prongs removed to go around under the panel edges. Carefully pry out the plastic retainers that are attached to the panel edges from the holes in the door frame. It is easy to tear the retainers out of the cardboard backside or break the plastic retainers if you just "rip" it off. Repair torn cardboard and retainer with expoxy before replacing the panel. Replacement plastic retainers are generally available at your local hardware store. Unscrew (anti clockwise) the door lock button. The panel must be lifted up as it is hooked to the door at the top edge. The window switch assembly can be unplugged and set aside. Anyone with non electric windows - remove the window roller handle. LOL